Daisy Dukes Diner, Kenner, LA Report #296

Back in March of 2019 I discovered this place called the American Pie Diner.  Loved the place!  I was going to be a regular.  So of course it promptly went out of business.

At least the building didn’t stay vacant long.  Daisy Dukes opened another location there. I knew about their French Quarter location, but I didn’t realize they had several other locations.  So today we paid them a visit.

I love the old fashioned diner atmosphere.  Alcohol is served, and you can play video poker!

We decided on:


And the food!



My dining partner enjoyed her two egg breakfast.  They have good grits.

My seafood omelet was cooked a little harder than I like, but since I didn’t tell them to cook the eggs kind of soft, I can’t complain about it.  It was still good.  And they have REAL butter on the tables.  Not some vegetable oil spread.

The pancakes were fantastic!  They had those crisp edges that I love.  Nice fluffy texture, too.

Good place for breakfast.  Can’t wait to get back and try some lunch and dinner items on their menu.

2244 Veterans Blvd., Kenner, LA  70062  Ph: 504-470-2400

Blaine 6-28-2020


2 thoughts on “Daisy Dukes Diner, Kenner, LA Report #296

  1. “We have the best food in the world”…you know I am beginning to believe that…and the widest selections. I also like breakfast for dinner every once in a while.


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