Daisy Dukes Diner, Kenner, LA Report #296

Back in March of 2019 I discovered this place called the American Pie Diner.  Loved the place!  I was going to be a regular.  So of course it promptly went out of business.

At least the building didn’t stay vacant long.  Daisy Dukes opened another location there. I knew about their French Quarter location, but I didn’t realize they had several other locations.  So today we paid them a visit.

I love the old fashioned diner atmosphere.  Alcohol is served, and you can play video poker!

We decided on:


And the food!



My dining partner enjoyed her two egg breakfast.  They have good grits.

My seafood omelet was cooked a little harder than I like, but since I didn’t tell them to cook the eggs kind of soft, I can’t complain about it.  It was still good.  And they have REAL butter on the tables.  Not some vegetable oil spread.

The pancakes were fantastic!  They had those crisp edges that I love.  Nice fluffy texture, too.

Good place for breakfast.  Can’t wait to get back and try some lunch and dinner items on their menu.

2244 Veterans Blvd., Kenner, LA  70062  Ph: 504-470-2400

Blaine 6-28-2020


Dropped in for breakfast today. My dining partner ordered a breakfast croissant sandwich with eggs, bacon and cheese, and a side order of grits. She’s a grits connoisseur, and says this place has some of the best grits around. The sandwich was good too.

I hadn’t had corned beef hash in ages. It was today’s blue plate special, so I ordered it. It came with two eggs and toast or a biscuit. Delicious! Plenty of corned beef in the dish.

We also ordered pancakes. Three people can easily eat off of an order of their pancakes. I cut the stack in half so you can see how mountainous it was! And they’re great.

Fantastic place for breakfast.

2244 Veterans Blvd., Kenner, LA  70062  Ph: 504-470-2400

Blaine 2-14-2021


All we’ve ever had here was breakfast, so we decided to try some lunch items. We went with the boudin eggrolls, a half fried chicken and waffle, and a half hot sausage poboy with a cup of gumbo.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Every time I’ve had boudin eggrolls they came with a dipping sauce. Like pepper jelly or something. These came with nothing. I needed something. I asked our waiter if they had any kind of dipping sauce. He said they did and asked what we wanted. We asked what the options were. He said he’d recommend ranch or remoulade. We went with remoulade. GREAT choice, great remoulade sauce, and great boudin eggrolls! We really enjoyed these.

The fried chicken was fried to order, so be prepared to wait. But it’s worth it. Super crisp and juicy fried chicken. The waffle had a nice cinnamon flavor to it to. Very good.

Finally, the hot sausage and gumbo combo. Total swing and a miss. Not good at all. The gumbo was “OK” at best. Tasted like it may have come out of a can and they attempted to jazz it up with extra seasonings. There’s no way you’d mistake this for homemade. I wouldn’t order it again.

Then there was the hot sausage po-boy. First and most glaring error, it wasn’t hot sausage. It tasted like a mild smoked sausage. I called our waiter over and told him I ordered hot sausage, and this is smoked sausage. Unless, this is what y’all serve as hot sausage. He verified I didn’t get the wrong thing. That’s what they serve as hot sausage.

And then there was the bread. Not French bread, which is essential for a good poboy, but some kind of sub or hoagie roll or something. Uh, no thanks. I’ll pass on their poboys.

I’m still a fan of this place, but I’ll steer clear of their gumbo and poboys in the future!

2244 Veterans Blvd., Kenner, LA  70062  Ph: 504-470-2400

Blaine 5-16-2021


There was a place on Old Metairie Rd. called Café B, that I loved, but it closed down. Yesterday I was driving by and noticed a great breakfast place called The Ruby Slipper had opened up a new location in the building! So today we tried to go there for brunch.

There was a 45 minute to an hour wait for a table, and also no spots open for parking in the parking lot. We were starving so we then tried a Denny’s (yes, I like Denny’s), and again, a 45 min to an hour wait!

So we ended up back here. I’m not sure why but we never have a problem getting a table here. It’s not like the foods bad or anything. Luckily no one reads these blogs so I guess it’ll stay my secret!

Got the seafood omelet again this morning. It doesn’t look pretty in that picture, but it sure tasted pretty! And it was loaded with crawfish. The pancake was yummy as normal.

I remembered our waiters name this time. Really nice guy named Wes. If you get him consider yourself lucky!

2244 Veterans Blvd., Kenner, LA  70062  Ph: 504-470-2400

Blaine 6-6-2021

2 thoughts on “Daisy Dukes Diner, Kenner, LA Report #296

  1. “We have the best food in the world”…you know I am beginning to believe that…and the widest selections. I also like breakfast for dinner every once in a while.


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