Gianna, New Orleans, LA Report #297

There’s a local restaurant critic who says you should never go to a restaurant as soon as it opens.  Give them six months or so to get their act together, and then go.  I happen to work right down the street from this place, and remember when this corner was just an empty lot.  I watched this building being build from the ground up.  Then this restaurant opened up in April of 2019.  I gave them over a year, so I was assuming they had gotten their act together, and they have!

Nice looking place.  Since Covid-19 is still hanging around, and there’s an order to wear masks in New Orleans, they’ll provide you with one at the front door to put on just until you walk to the table.  If I had known that, I wouldn’t have brought my own.  I could have gotten a free one!  Also, there’s a little spray bottle of essential oil scented hand sanitizer on the table.  Very nice!

My dining partner had her eye on a small plate and entrée.  I knew I wanted to try the Feed Me Menu.  Our waiter told us if I wanted the Feed Me, the entire table had to get it.  I was thinking the menu was a surprise, but he told us what it consisted of.  We both thought it sounded good, so we went with it.


The only bad thing is the dishes are served family style.  I would have preferred they were served to us separately.  Reason being my dining partner can get highly aggressive when it comes to food, which can lead to fights.

  The food:


Pictured in order was:

  1.  Antipasti Tray
  2.  Italian Chopped Salad
  3.  Italian Sausage baked with Provolone cheese and garlic Ciabatta Bread
  4.  Ricotta Lemon Ravioli
  5.  Grilled Swordfish with Parmesan crusted potatoes and eggplant
  6.  Lemon Mousse Torta

Everything was fantastic!

The Antipasti Tray consisted of olives, marinated eggplant, house made salami, some kind of marinated, roasted pork on toast, and tuna stuffed peppers.  A lot of these things had Italian names (pronounced EYE-talian by many New Orleanians), but since I don’t speak Italian I can’t remember what I was told they were.

All the veggies in the salad were very fresh, and it was served tossed with a good  aged, red wine vinaigrette.

The cast iron pan they served the baked Italian sausage and cheese in kept it hot the whole time it was on the table!

The ravioli was my favorite.  The lemon and ricotta cheese filling was delicious, as was the buttery, lemony sauce it was served with.  Toasted hazelnuts and crispy Prosciutto were a really nice touch!

The swordfish and veggies?  Perfect.

The Lemon Mousse Torta came topped with a lemon Anglaise sauce and candied almonds.  Don’t pass up this dessert if you come here!

Finally, if you’re nervous about hand to hand transactions they offer a touchless pay option.


Fantastic dinner.  I highly recommend this place!

700 Magazine St., #101, New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-399-0816

Blaine 7-3-2020

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