Hong Minh Restaurant, Harvey, LA Report #298

This place is nowhere near nothing!  Tucked away on a back street, you’ve got to know it’s back there to find it.  It’s the kind of place that has to have good food to stay in business, because they can’t count on a lot of traffic passing by to bring new customers in.  I heard about them in a food group on Facebook, and all I heard was good.  We actually tried to go to Hoshun, but they were closed, so we ended up here.  And very glad we did.

Looks like this place has been here forever.  Nothing fancy about it.  I love the roasted ducks hanging in the front window.   If I was walking down the sidewalk, that would be enough to get me in!

We decided on:



And the food!


My dining partner loves wonton soup.  They don’t offer a cup of it, so she ordered the bowl.  Since that was too much for her to possibly eat by herself, I was actually able to get some without having to beg for a taste!

It was delicious.  The broth super flavorful, and in addition to pork, the wontons had shrimp in them!  This was the best wonton soup I ever had.

The pot stickers were very good.  Fried nice and crisp.  And the dipping sauce served with them had a nice spice to it.

My dining partner had the General TSO Chicken lunch special with pork fried rice.  Even though the menu didn’t say it, it came with a vegetable spring roll.  She said it was the best General’s chicken she ever had ever had.  The fried rice and spring roll were also very good.

I had the roasted duck.  It was a whole half of a duck!  And it was delicious.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

2101 8th St., Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-592-7316

Blaine 7-5-2020



Back today.  We had to get the wonton soup and pot stickers again.  And again, they were great.

I posted this original report on a restaurant Facebook page, and someone mentioned the salt and pepper pork chops.   I decided to try them, so I got the lunch special with pork fried rice.  Really delicious!  Tender chunks of pork chop fried with a really good coating, covered with a little course ground salt and plenty of minced garlic.  And that rice might not look pretty but it’s fantastic.  Excellent dish.

I think I have a new favorite Chinese joint!

2101 8th St., Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-592-7316

Blaine 8-8-2020


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