Prejean’s, Lafayette, LA. Report #301

The address for this restaurant list it in Lafayette, Louisiana, but it’s actually just north of Lafayette in the small town of Carencro, LA.  Don’t want to cheat them out of their credit for having this place!  If you’re heading down Interstate 10, just take I-49 North, and in a mere two miles you’re here.

I’ve got family in this part of Louisiana, so I’ve been coming out here all my life.  And every time I do I stop here for lunch or dinner. They’re well known for their Cajun cuisine.

Normally they feature a pretty extensive menu, but since we’re still operating in these Coronavirus times, at the time of this report it’s quite limited.  We decided on:


And the FOOD!



Many years ago when you’d sit down they’d immediately bring you out these small French breads we call “Pistolettes”, which were deep fried.  Little French breads are good enough on their own, but deep fried made them OUTSTANDING!  Then, not as many years ago, they stopped automatically bringing them, but still had them if you asked for them.  We asked.  We got a couple.  They aren’t deep fried anymore.  Hot, and still good, but just not as good.

The next picture is the crawfish enchiladas and a couple of crawfish pies.  If you come here you MUST get the crawfish enchiladas.  They are excellent.  They serve them at their food booth at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival every year, and they’re one of the most popular food items there.

The crawfish pies are just ok.  They put rice in them.  Not sure why, but I wouldn’t get these again.

The gumbo is what really draws me into this place.  In New Orleans, where you have a lot of Creole influence, you tend to get lighter rouxs.  Here in the heart of Cajun Country, dark roux rules!  And theirs is really dark, which makes a delicious gumbo.  I stuck a spoon in both the seafood gumbo and the duck and andoullie gumbo so you could see the  generous amount of ingredients they pack into these cups.  My dining partner was happy to have a really good cup up gumbo after the disappointing one she had last week at Galatoires.  Delicious.

The Catfish Grand Chenier was pretty good!  The stuffing inside the catfish fillet was seasoned really well.  But in this place, everything is seasoned really well.  The fried okra is good, and that little pie looking thing on the plate is what they call Corn Macque Choux.  They put what seems to be buttered, seasoned corn in a little pie shell.  If you like corn, you’ll like it.

Their bread pudding is pretty good.  One thing I like about it is NO RAISINS!  That’s always a plus.

Great lunch with this limited menu.  It’ll be a lot better when they go back to their full menu!

3480 NE Evangeline Throughway, Lafayette, LA. 70507   Ph: 337-896-3247

Blaine 7-17-2020


Please excuse the shortened report. I’m doing it on my phone instead of my desktop because my internet and power is still out thanks to Hurricane Ida. Most of the city of New Orleans is still without power.

I said this place would be back up to snuff when they got back to a full menu and they did not disappoint. Tonight’s dinner was outstanding!





Everything was outstanding! The gumbo’s the best you will buy in any restaurant. Period.

Don’t think I ever had fried ribs, but I want to have then again!

And don’t pass up the crawfish enchiladas.

Love this place.

3480 NE Evangeline Throughway, Lafayette, LA. 70507   Ph: 337-896-3247

Blaine 9-3-2021

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    1. I’m not sure. Probably just pieces of fried alligator. I’m not a big fan of alligator so I didn’t ask. But if you’ve never had it and you visit Louisiana, you should try it. It’s kind of like a cross between chicken and fish.

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