Billy’s Boudin, Scott, LA Report Report #302

Im still traveling around south, central Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun Country.  Boudin is a kind of sausage stuffed with pork, maybe some pork innards, seasonings and rice.  I love it and it’s a big deal in this part of the state.

This place is known for it.  It’s located in the small town of Scott, LA., which is just west of Lafayette. If you look at the building, the drive through window is on the right side.  The line of cars you see wrapped around the entire building tells you how popular they are!

Besides boudin, they also are known for their craklins (fried, seasoned pork skin).  They also sell numerous specialty meats, like crawfish stuffed pork chops and seafood cornbread stuffed chickens!  I guess they’re technically not a restaurant now because their indoor seating has been suspended due to the Coronavirus.  But I was happy to grab some stuff to eat in my car!

I decided to try a crawfish boudin ball, some cracklins and some smoked boudin.

The food!


Everything was delicious!  To make the boudin balls they form the boudin into balls instead of stuffing it into sausage casings, then deep fry it.  This crawfish stuffed one was fantastic.  The pepper jack cheese stuffed ones are great too.  And the smoke boudin had a wonderful deep, smoky taste.  Like they smoked the links for hours.

I’d definitely recommend stopping here if you find yourself in the area.

523 Apollo Rd., Scott, LA. 70583  Ph: 337-232-1114

Blaine 7-18-2020


I took a road trip and passed through a little Louisiana town called Krotz Springs, which happens to have a Billy’s Boudin location! In fact, this was the first one I tried. Years ago. Back then it was a shack with a line out the door. Now, it’s a palace! Complete with a walk in beer cave!

The menu is basically the same as the Scott, Louisiana location. I tired some of the same things. Boudin balls, smoked boudin links and cracklins. All delicious. Also tried a crawfish rollup. Like an eggroll with crawfish and cheese inside. Very good!

If you’re passing through, make a stop!

24467 U.S. Hwy 190, Krotz Sorings, LA 70750 Ph: 337-566-2318

Blaine 10-24-2020

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