Pat’s Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant, Henderson, LA. Report #304



I had never been to Henderson, Louisiana.  Passed by it hundreds of times driving down I-10 to visit family in St. Landry Parish, but never had a reason to stop in Henderson.  Now I have a reason!

Very nice looking place.  You can sit outside on a deck which overlooks Bayou Portage and you might see an alligator or two.  The restaurant was founded in the 1950’s by a man named Pat Huval.  His story, which you can read above, is pretty interesting.  They say he even invented his own “roux machine”.  I’d be interested to see how one of those works.

We were both in the mood for crawfish.  And of course, bread pudding.  We decided on:






First the crackers and butter on the table.  You know you’re in a place that cares about their customers when there’s real, sweet cream butter on the table.  If you see some kind of whipped vegetable oil spread in a restaurant, do what I do.  Complain loudly, throw a chair through the nearest window and leave!  That’s the only way we’re going to end that.

The next picture is the crawfish bisque that came with my dining partner’s Crawfish Dinner.  I’d be proud if I made this at home.  Delicious..  Loaded with Louisiana crawfish  and  a large crawfish head stuffed with crawfish stuffing.

The rest of her crawfish dinner was equally good.  And so much food!  You’d have to be a big eater to finish it off.  She brought home a doggy bag that’s easily another meal for her.

My half crawfish étouffée and half fried crawfish dinner was really good.  It came with jambalaya and French fries.  Again, a lot of food, but I managed to finish it all off.  I hurt after.  Pretty bad.  But I did it!

Even though I was hurting I had to try their bread pudding.  It was very good.  The rum sauce had a strong rum flavor, which I love.

I highly recommend this place.  I will be back!

1008 Henderson Levee Rd., Henderson, LA  70517. Ph: 337-228-7512

Blaine  7-18-2020

6 thoughts on “Pat’s Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant, Henderson, LA. Report #304

      1. That is why I say…whenever I get a chance…and I will…that will be on top of my desert list at one of your places.

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