The Duke, Metairie, LA Report #305

I normally eat healthy on weekdays, but my regular dining partner is on vacation, and told me she wasn’t eating healthy while on vacation.  She demanded I take her to get burgers.   When it comes to food, she’s been known to get violent when she doesn’t get her way, so I figured a burger wouldn’t hurt me.

We headed to Metairie to hit Atomic Burger, only to find out they were closed on Mondays!  Mooyah was nearby, but we were just there not long ago and wanted something different.  Then we remembered Ben’s Burgers.  Fantastic place!  Luckily we checked before we drove over there.  They were closed too!

So we googled, “Burgers near me”, and this place popped up.  It had a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, so we headed over there.

We decided on:


And the FOOD!


If you’ve read my reports for awhile you know I have no use for fried pickles.  I see no point in them.  But my dining partner LOVES them.  Since I was starving I tried a couple.  These actually were pretty good!  The pickles were sliced a little thicker than others I’ve had, and I think that made them less salty.  The batter was good, they were real crisp, and the ranch dressing was delicious!  Not like a ranch out of a bottle.  I asked our waitress if they made it in house and she said she thought they did.  I asked her another question later and she told me she had just started working there.

My dining partner had the Royale with Cheese Burger and I had the Western BBQ.  I was really enjoying it!  The pulled pork on it was delicious, and it had just the right amount of BBQ sauce on it.  Not so much that the sauce overpowered everything else.

Then she mentioned the burger patty had a strange texture to it.  That made me think, and it then hit me.  Instead of a burger patty it tasted more like meatloaf.  I said that and she agreed.  I still enjoyed it and would order it again.

As far as sides they give you a ridiculous amount of French fries and tater tots!

Then, it was time for dessert.  Fried Bread Pudding.  Oh my goodness.  This was one of the BEST things I’ve ever eaten! I wished I wasn’t so full!  They were like bread pudding beignets.  Unbelievably delicious!  EVERY TIME I’M IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD I’M STOPPING IN JUST TO GET THESE!  And I’m keeping an ice chest with a quart of milk in it in my car just in case I end up out here unexpectedly!

I like this place.  I’ll be back.

2740 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-353-4227

Blaine 7-20-2020



This place is still open. Sure doesn’t look like it when you pull up. When we got here there wasn’t a car in the parking lot and the windows are tinted so dark you can’t see any lights on inside. But we decided to check, and sure enough when we pulled on the door it opened!

The menu is a little different from our first visit. Today we decided on:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dining partner had the chicken tenders with the honey pepper sauce. She said they were fantastic! Huge, juicy, crispy, every thing a chicken tender should be! The sauce was good too.

I had the pulled pork sandwich. No complaints. Served with extra very thick and delicious BBQ sauce in case you need more.

Drop in sometimes. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

2740 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-353-4227

Blaine 10-31-2021

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