Frey, New Orleans, LA Report #306

I was perusing a social media food group and someone asked, “Who has the best milkshakes and food to go with it”?  This place was mentioned a few times.  I had never heard of it so I looked them up.  A BBQ place with good milkshakes?  I was intrigued!  So we decided to pay them a visit.

I love the rustic look inside with all the bricks and wood.  Makes a real man like me want to go home, cut down the oak tree in the back yard, and build an armoire!  Anyway, we decided on the bucket of biscuit and brisket chili cheese fries to start off with.  For our entrées we both got two meat BBQ platters.  I ordered smoked chicken and pork belly, and my dining partner the St. Louis ribs and sausage.  Baked beans, corn bread, grilled corn and Texas Toast were our sides, plus an order of bacon pepper jack mac & cheese.  For dessert, a Cookie Monster milkshake.


And the food! 


These were the tallest biscuits I’ve ever seen!  Really crumbly texture.  I liked them.

The brisket chili cheese fries were AWESOME!  I don’t normally like beans in my chili, but this “chili” had just the right amount.  It was more like shredded brisket on top than a chili.  I honestly could have made a meal out of just this.

Now, my dining partner originally ordered ribs and brisket on her two meat platter.  But after the generous portion of brisket on the fries, she changed her order to ribs and sausage.  Instead, they brought her chicken and ribs by accident.  They let her keep the chicken and brought out the sausage.

Everything was fantastic!  I used to make pecan wood smoked chicken.  I’d smoke whole chicken over very low, indirect heat for hours.  They’d come out unbelievably juicy, tender and delicious.  This chicken was just like that.  Great smoky flavor and really juicy.

I’m not a big fan of corn on the cob, but my dining partner is.  She couldn’t stop raving about the wonderful, grilled smoky flavor it had.   And something amazing happened.  She said it was so good she actually offered me a taste!  That’s highly unusual.  She normally fights me for the best food on the table!

Then it was time for the real star of our meal.  The milkshake.  I thought $10 was a little pricey for a milkshake, but we tired it.  It was worth every penny.  You not only got the milkshake, but Cookie Monster’s head was a very good muffin, his mouth was half a chocolate chip cookie, and the other half of the cookie was on top of the whipped cream underneath.  The shake itself was yummy, chocolatey goodness.   One is big enough for two people to split.

Wonderful place.  I highly recommend it!

4141 Bienville St., Suite 110, New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-488-7427

Blaine 7-24-2020


We had dinner at Zea and nothing on the menu appealed to us for dessert. So we came here just to get milkshakes! We got the Cookie Monster again, and this time tried the Nutella Reese’s Shake.

Both were delicious! But my dining partner noticed the chocolate chip cookie in Cookie Monster’s mouth was missing. Our waitress said they ran out of chocolate chip cookies, so she brought us another white chocolate Macadamia one to make up for it. That’s the cookies on top of the Nutella shake on the left.

If you notice in my last report I said one of these shakes was big enough to split. They still are, but we each got one. My dining partner did the smart thing. Finished half and took the rest to go. But me? No. No ones ever accused me of being smart. I ate the whole damned thing. And I’m still suffering. Don’t be a pig like me. Split one.

If you’re craving a great milkshake, get here.

Blaine 12-12-2020

4141 Bienville St., Suite 110, New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-488-7427

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