Pollo Campero, Kenner, LA Report #307



I normally don’t report on chain restaurants unless they’re something special.  But it’s hard to consider this a chain since this is the only one in the entire state of Louisiana!  The next nearest one is in Houston, TX., which is about a 5 1/2 hour drive.

This place started out in 1971 as a family owned restaurant in Guatemala.  They marinate their chicken, and tout the flavor goes all the way to the bone.

We wanted to try the fried and grilled chicken, but there was a 10 minute wait for the grilled chicken.  I don’t like to wait.  So we just went with an 8 piece fried chicken meal with rice and beans for sides, and a chicken empanada

The food!


I can’t remember the last time I had a Horchata.  That’s a sweetened, milk based beverage with spices, like cinnamon and I’m not sure what else.  I had that, and my dining partner had the mango drink.  Both were delicious!  If you’ve never had a Horchata be sure to try it if you stop in.

The chicken empanada was very good.  Fried nice and crisp and full of well seasoned shredded chicken and cheese.

The chicken was excellent.  Full of flavor. I ate it so fast I realized I forgot to check to see of the flavor went “to the bone”.  Maybe next time.

I liked the beans.  I get tired of the sweetness of baked beans and get bored with just plain beans.  These were like somewhere in between.  Nothing really special about the rice, but it went good with the beans.

Nice place.  I recommend it!

2810 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA  70062  Ph: 833-226-7376

Blaine 7-25-2020

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