High Hat Café, New Orleans, LA Report #308


I’ve heard good things about this place and have been wanting to get here for awhile.  Their website says they serve food from the Mississippi and Louisiana Delta, and catfish is the star of the menu!

Unfortunately, neither of us were in the catfish mood.  We decided on the tamales, a cup of gumbo, and two things off the specials board.


And the food!

The tamales were fantastic!  The masa had a great flavor, and the shredded pork inside was very tender.

When the menu said the gumbo had a rich, dark roux, they weren’t lying.  I love a dark roux, and this one was serious.  Very good.

My dining partner had the chicken and waffles.  She said the scrambled eggs were the best she ever had.  The fried chicken and the waffle were also very good.  They give you a big jug of that thick, molasses like Steen’s cane syrup.  We prefer a lighter syrup, and maple is available on request for a small upcharge.

My pork debris, eggs and stone ground grits dish was excellent.  The grits here were everything stone ground grits should be!  And there was a nice helping of fork tender, juicy pork roast.  Delicious.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

4500 Freret St., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph: 504-754-1336

Blaine 7-26-2020


    Back for round 2!  We had:



The boudin was delicious. I was expecting a link, but they serve it out the casing, kind of like a patty with a crisp top.

The One-Eyed Bacon Cheeseburger was fantastic. I got the egg over easy, so it was messy to eat, but worth it! And their french fries are terrific.

This was the first time my dining partner or I could remember having cornmeal pancakes. You can taste that slight grittiness from the cornmeal. They were ok, but we both decided we prefer regular pancakes. But if you’ve never tried them, I suggest you do! I’m glad I did just so I know what cornmeal pancakes are all about.

Great lunch today. Love this place.

4500 Freret St., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph: 504-754-1336

Blaine 10-11-2020


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