Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House, New Orleans, LA Report #310

This place has been running a commercial on television for weeks advertising a fried seafood platter that included fried chicken.  And for weeks my mouth has been watering thinking of eating that!  Tonight was to be the night!  But things went horribly wrong.

Pretty extensive menu.  With some great sounding dishes!  A food vendor at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival sells crawfish bread.  I love it.  It was on the menu here and they said it was fresh baked!  I knew I had to have that.

We decided on:


The food!


First out the kitchen was the crawfish etouffe.  Look closely at the dish.  See any crawfish?  I didn’t either.  There were maybe five crawfish tails in the whole dish.  The rice was also a little hard.  Not very good.

Next was the, “Baked fresh to order” crawfish bread.  One thing for certain.  The bread was NOT baked today.  Maybe not even yesterday.  It was barely room temperature.  But it was topped with plenty of crawfish and cheese, which was pretty good.  All in all I wouldn’t order it again though.

So we went from one dish devoid of crawfish, to a dish with plenty of crawfish, now to a dish with hardly any seafood.  I ate a bunch of these “Seafood” nachos and found two crawfish tails and one tiny shrimp.  Plenty of this milky, kind of strange tasting cheese sauce.  At least the chips were nice and fresh.

Now it was time for the dish we had been waiting for.  The Southern Fried Platter.  Fried fish, shrimp and chicken.  It was taking awhile to come out, which I had no problem with.  If they were frying our chicken fresh that takes at least 20 minutes.  Our waitress passed by and told us she was on their case in the kitchen and it’d be out soon.

My dining partner was sitting facing the kitchen and I was sitting on the other side of the table from her facing the door.  I always position myself as far away as possible from her because when I manage to grab some of the good food, it’s harder for her to attack me across the table and get it back.

She says, “I wonder if that’s OUR food sitting in the kitchen window that that guy is leaning over and talking”.  I turned around to see a plate of food sitting on the counter of the window between the kitchen and the bar.  The counter is plenty big enough for this guy to be somewhere else, but he’s leaning on his forearms, with his arms on both sides of this plate, and blabbing away with someone in the kitchen, with his face DIRECTLY over the plate.  Even if we weren’t in a worldwide pandemic, you DON’T do that!  She tells me if that is our food, no way she’s eating it.  I wholeheartedly agreed.

After running his mouth for awhile longer, sure enough he brings the plate to our table.  I was really nervous at this point.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know how aggressive my dining partner can get.  I really feared for that guys safety.  But she calmly explained she saw him leaning over the food and talking so we didn’t want it.  I was really proud of her!

Our waitress apologized numerous times and asked us if we wanted something else.  She was very nice.  But we just asked for the check and left.  There’s a place we had only tried for breakfast right across the street called Brown Butter, which we really liked, so we went over there to give them a try to finish our dinner.  Unfortunately, they were only open for takeout.

Worst dining experience I’ve had in awhile.  I won’t be back here.

301 N. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-872-9975

Blaine 7-31-2020


14 thoughts on “Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House, New Orleans, LA Report #310

  1. Thank you for solidifying my same thoughts on this place for years. How do you think they can give this quality for so long and still be around in N.O.?? Just not right. They bought Bozo’s years ago and now it is really terrible. Bozo’s was wonderful, food was stellar. No love in this place.

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    1. Bozo’s our there on that little back street right off Vets and Causeway? Man, I haven’t thought about them in years! Yes, they were great. They actually used a different fryer to fry the shrimp, fish and oysters so each seafood would have its own oil, and not taste like other seafoods. Yeah, this place was a waste of time and money tonight.


  2. That’s the one! That’s right about the different oils, I remember! I mean, how special is that?! Ed I believe worked with/for Bozo and the spin was that they would carry on the good Bozo’s name. Uhhhh, no. As I say, really don’t understand how they can still be open. Thanks for your review.

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  3. ” I really feared for that guys safety.” You gave me a good laugh…though that sucked and they should have known better. You don’t do that in the best of times.

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      1. Someone just not thinking…I’m glad they didn’t give you any static about it…which they would not had any right to but…you never know.

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