Shyan’s, Metairie, LA Report #311

A very dear friend of mine told me about this place.  She said she came here with her husband to pick up some food, and saw a worker at the restaurant carrying a dead lamb in for butchering.  She was traumatized.

Well, to me a place that butchers their own animals means fresher meat!  But no telling.  Maybe that guy was bringing in a carcass he found on the side of the road of some animal that had been hit by a truck.  Either way, I decided to try this joint out.

We decided on Hummus, a Gyro Platter, Bhooni Kalaji, and to go, the Paneer Tikka Masala.


And the FOOD!


We ordered a side of the Naan too, but two pieces came with the Hummus so we cancelled it.  I’ve got to brag about the Naan more than the Hummus!  Best I’ve ever had.  Hot out the oven with a crisp, buttery outside and nice soft inside.  The Hummus was great too.

My dining partner said her Gyro plate was fantastic.

I had the Bhooni Kajali, which was a goat liver dish.  Our waitress asked if I wanted it mild, medium or spicy.  I went with spicy, and it was!  Not overly spicy though.  The sauce it was served in was lick the bowl delicious.  The Basmati rice with both of our platters was cooked perfectly.

My daughter, who’s a vegetarian, and a little scary sissy baby who’s too scared of catching COVID-19 to come dine with us, asked us to bring the Paneer Tikka Masala home to her.  She said it was the best Tikka Masala she ever had!

Fantastic place.  And the people are very friendly.  I highly recommend it!

3320 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA  70006  Ph: 504-302-9901

Blaine 8-1-2020



Back for another visit!  And it was a good one.  No idea why it took so long to get back. We ordered:

########## THE FOOD ##########

Vegetable Pakora
Bullet Naan
Gyro Platter
Mutton Karahi

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered any kind of vegetarian dish, for myself that is, in my life. But my dining partner wanted to try this Vegetable Pakora. It was surprisingly good! Served with some kind of yogurt based dip called Raita.

The jalapeño and cilantro naan bread was great.

My dining partner had the Gyro Platter again. It was just as good as last time.

I had the goat curry. Being born and raised in New Orleans I sometimes get the urge for anything with rice and gravy. My mom used to make a bone in beef stew with brown gravy that I loved. It’s hard to find bone in stew meat now days.

This dish fit the bill. Tender bone in chunks of goat in a delicious curry sauce. Seriously delicious.

This is a must try place!

3320 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA  70006  Ph: 504-302-9901

Blaine 3-5-2022

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