Riccobono’s Panola St. Café, New Orleans, LA Report #312


This place is owned by the same folks that own Riccobono’s Peppermill and Café Navarre, so I knew it was going to be good.  It’s located on a back street in a residential neighborhood, so you’ve got to be looking for it to find it.

Our waitress recommended the Boudin omelet.  It sounded good and I love boudin, but I wasn’t in the omelet mood.  In fact, I was feeling a little crabby.  I decided on the Crabcake Benedict with potatoes and a banana nut Belgian waffle.  My dining partner ordered a two egg breakfast with grits and a pecan pancake.

The food!


My dining partner loved her two egg breakfast.  She’s a biscuit coinsurer and raved about the biscuit.  And when you order a pecan pancake, you get one LOADED with pecans!

The crab cakes with my Benedict were very good.  A good bit of crab meat and well seasoned.  The eggs were poached perfectly and the hollandaise sauce was nice.

My waffle was delicious.  Slightly crisp outside and soft on the inside, and like the pancake, loaded with pecans.

Great place for breakfast.  I recommend it!

7801 Panola St., New Orleans, LA  70118  Ph: 504-314-1810

Blaine 8-2-2020


Back for breakfast today, and another good one! My dining partner had the Egg Sandwich, which she said was very good. I had the Eggs Pontchartrain, which was delicious, and loaded with crawfish! And we split a banana nut pancake for dessert. I thought it was going to come out with sliced bananas on top, but they were inside the pancake. With plenty of pecans.

Love this place. Now to go batten down the hatches and await Hurricane Sally.

7801 Panola St., New Orleans, LA  70118  Ph: 504-314-1810

Blaine 9-13-2020


Ok, since our first visit I’ve been eyeing that boudin omelet. Today we ordered it!

We ordered other food too, so my dining partner and I split the omelet. While I was spreading some strawberry jam on my toast, I let her cut the omelet in half. Big mistake.

The omelet was great! The eggs were fluffy, it was seasoned well and nice and cheesy. But I didn’t get much boudin at all. I complained to her and she said she had plenty of boudin in HER half. Hmmmmmmm. I can’t prove anything, but y’all know what I’m thinking. Next time we split something I’m going to let her cut it in half again, and then right before we start eating demand that we switch plates!

Good dish, but they need to do a better job of distributing the boudin evenly throughout the omelet. I’d order it again.

7801 Panola St., New Orleans, LA  70118  Ph: 504-314-1810

Blaine 4-25-2021

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