The Palms too, Arabi, LA Report #314



There’s a lot of history around this place.  If you’ve ever used Domino’s sugar, there’s a good chance it came from the refinery right across the street.  We grow a lot of sugarcane here in Louisiana, and since this refinery is the largest in the western hemisphere, I’m willing to bet most of it is shipped here.  It’s been in operation since 1909.

The Chalmette Battlefield is also across the street.  That’s where the battle of New Orleans was fought in 1815.  Go to this link for a song commemorating an account of that historic battle:


Anyway, back to the restaurant.  It’s connected to a casino. So maybe you’d want to try your luck there at video poker before you eat.  You might win enough to pay for your meal.  Or, you might lose it all and you can spend the day penniless roaming through the Chalmette Battlefield.  Admission is free.

The menu is really extensive.  Looking at my pictures of it I realized somehow I missed a page.  Or maybe two.  The complete menu can be found here:

We were in the fried seafood kind of mood, so we decided on the Seafood Jackpot for two, with a side of jambalaya.  My dining partner also ordered a cup of gumbo.


And the food!


The dinner salads came out with some toasted French garlic bread.  Both were very good!

Then there was a snafu.  The gumbo never showed up.  The seafood platter came out next.  Those things happen sometimes.  We just canceled it.

The seafood platter was great.  And HUGE!  Everything was fried perfectly.  The stuffed crab was excellent!  After I cut it in half I had to include a picture of it.  They put the stuffed crab in one of those foil crabshell tins, then deep fried the whole thing.  Once you broke through the crust it was almost solid crabmeat.  Outstanding!  The jambalaya was also very good.

I was going to try their bread pudding for dessert, but Gerald’s Donuts wasn’t far away, so we had to grab a dozen to take home.

Great lunch.  I will be back!

8001 W. St. Bernard Hwy. Suite B, Arabi, LA  70032  Ph: 504-277-6996

Blaine 8-9-2020



     Finally made it back here.  For lunch today we decided on gumbo, seafood bisque, FRIED CALAMARI, a combo seafood platter with fried shrimp and stuffed crab, and a crab cake sandwich.


&&&&&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Ok, first off, if you look at the food pictures what do you NOT see? Fried calamari! The soups came out, then the entrées. So just like last time when they forgot the gumbo, this time they forgot the calamari. Twice here and twice they left something off our order. I’m starting to see a pattern.

The gumbo was “ok” at best. I wouldn’t order it again.

I asked the waitress what kind of seafood was in the “Seafood Bisque”. She said crawfish and corn. Ok, so it’s really crawfish and corn chowder. I decided to try it and it was very good! Mainly because of the amount of crawfish tails in it. It was absolutely loaded! Yummy.

My dining partner enjoyed the combo seafood platter. As last time, the stuffed crab was full of crab meat, and the shrimp were huge and fried perfect.

When you order something with crab meat in it, you get plenty. The crab cake on my crab cake sandwich was almost solid crab meat. Very good sandwich. And the fries were great.

Our waitress apologized for the calamari snafu, and offered us bread pudding to make up for it. You know I’d never turn down bread pudding. And FREE bread pudding taste even better! You also know I hate raisins in bread pudding, but I can eat around them. But to be clear, it’s not just raisins I hate, but fruit in general. It has NO place in bread pudding!

The bread pudding and the sauce it was served with was delicious. BUT, not only was it loaded with raisins, but other things. Look at the picture of it on the right. More raisins than you can shake a stick at, but if you look to the bottom left, you’ll see a piece of peach. Up and to the right you’ll see a piece of cherry I think, then to the right of that you’ll see a grape!! So not only are they putting raisins in it, but UNBORN raisins too!! WHAT THE HELL? If I wanted a fruit salad I would have ordered one! Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Great lunch. I can’t wait to see what they leave off my order the next time I drop in.

8001 W. St. Bernard Hwy. Suite B, Arabi, LA  70032  Ph: 504-277-6996

Blaine 3-14-2021

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