Mark Twain’s Pizza Landing, Metairie, LA Report #316

This place has been around since 1985, so I guess they’re doing something right.  Cozy little joint, located in a strip mall in a neighborhood called Old Metairie, which is just west of New Orleans.

I was in the mood for just pizza, but my dining partner noticed there was seafood gumbo on the menu, and ordered a cup.  Our waitress asked me if I wanted one too.  I said, “no”.  She said once I tasted hers I’d regret not getting a cup.  I hate living with regrets, so I told her bring me one too.

We decided on:

And the FOOD!


The gumbo was delicious!  Our waitress said they make it from scratch everyday, and it sure tasted like it.  But there was no rice in it.  It came with crackers, so I thought maybe they served crackers with their gumbo instead of rice.

Our waitress came back and asked how we liked the gumbo.  My dining partner said it was very good, but she’d like it better if it had rice in it.  The waitress apologized for them forgetting the rice and said she’d go get some.  Unfortunately for me, being a highly greedy person, my cup was almost empty!  I told her that, hoping she’d take pity on me and offer me another cup on the house.  She didn’t.  My dining partner got to enjoy the rest of her gumbo with rice.

So snafu #1 was they forgot the rice in the gumbo.  I ordered my Mysterious Stranger Pizza with onions on it.  Snafu #2 was it came with artichokes instead.  The waitress noticed as she was carrying it to our table and said she’d have them remake it.  Again, my greediness kicked in and I told her not to worry about it.  I was ready to eat!  So she said she’d give us a discount because of the mistake.

Both pizzas were good, but nothing to really brag about.  We ordered both with the traditional crust.  You can also order gluten free or whole wheat.  The traditional is pretty thick and not very crisp.  I prefer a crisper crust.  They were very generous with the toppings.

For dessert we had the Messy Sundae.  The menu said it was enough to share.  That’s not true, if you’re with me, that is.  Did I mention I was greedy?  The glass looks big but there wasn’t all that much ice cream in it.  I loved the way they had extra chocolate syrup on the plate with the walnuts, though.  There’s no such thing as too much chocolate syrup!

To make up for the snafus they didn’t charge us for the gumbo.  They’ll also take $5 off your bill if you sign up for their loyalty club.

Nice little place.  Be sure to try the gumbo if you stop in.

2035 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-832-8032

Blaine 8-22-2020


    Today was Italian food day for me.  Had a delicious pasta dish and a Muffaletta at Nor Joe for lunch, now here for pizza for dinner.  

     We actually wanted to split a sandwich and pizza for dinner, but I forgot they don’t make sandwiches on weekends after 5:00 PM.  So first we went with a couple cups of gumbo and two small pizzas.  

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&     THE FOOD     &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

The gumbo, just as last time, was delicious. And just as last time we had to ask for more rice. Not sure what they have against rice in this joint.

We tried to order Buffalo Wings. They were out. We tried to order the Chicken Bites. They were out. My dining partner ordered the Samuel Clemens (meat lovers) pizza, and I decided to design my own. I asked for crabmeat on it and was told they were out. I was getting tired of hearing that! I ended up with shrimp, anchovies, feta cheese and red onions on my pizza.

In my opinion both pizzas were much better than the ones we had our last visit. Delicious! And a small, which they say is a 9 inch pizza that serves one, is a nice size. In fact, my dining partner couldn’t finish hers. I finished mine but I have been known to be a pig!

Great dinner. We shall return.

2035 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-832-8032

Blaine 3-28-2021


Back in tonight for pizza! And also finally trying the buffalo wings. I decided to create my own pizza. I ordered a white pizza with shrimp, red onions, black olives, crabmeat, Feta and anchovies.

%%%% THE FOOD! %%%%

That’s a full sized plate those wings are on. They were huge! Not sure where they found these mutant chickens. And they were very good!

My pizza was absolutely delicious. I didn’t want any tomato sauce interfering with the flavor of my crabmeat and shrimp. And there was a lot of both on it!

Delicious meal here tonight.

2035 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-832-8032

Blaine 9-18-2021


I’ve written about this place so much I wasn’t going to add an installment today. But we tried three new things today, so I had something to report on. We ordered:

88888 THE FOOD 88888

My dining partner is a French fry fanatic. She wanted to try the baked fries. I prefer everything deep fried in oil. EVERYTHING. She asked our waitress if they were really crispy, and she said they’d leave them in the oven a little longer to be sure they were (thus the burnt points on a few).

I was surprised. They were pretty good! We didn’t even need the fake cheese sauce to dip them in.

She also wanted to try the Caesar salad, but didn’t want a whole one. She asked if they could make a side salad portion. No problem. They did and it was very good. The picture was taken after I ate a tomato slice off the top. The dressing was seriously yummy.

Every time we had come here in the past it had been for dinner. For some reason they don’t serve po-boys after 5:00 PM, so I never had the opportunity to try one. Today was my chance since we came in for lunch. I love a hot roast beef with gravy, and the last one I had at Bear’s disappointed me. So I decided to give the one here a shot.

This was one of the best hot roast beef sandwiches I ever had! The roast beef was tender, and the gravy was perfect. Seriously delicious!

Great lunch here today.

2035 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-832-8032

Blaine 4-16-2022

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