Rosie’s On The Roof, New Orleans, LA Report #317

This is my 4th COOLinary dinner of the 2020 season.  First was Coterie NOLA, next was The Pelican Club, then GW Fins.  All of them were great.  Tonight I was looking to make it 4 for 4.

If you come to New Orleans you really should visit The National WWII Museum.  This restaurant is located on the roof of the brand new Higgins Hotel, which is right across the street.  A few other good places to eat in walking distance of the museum are Peche, Magazine Pizza and Fat Boy Pantry.


The lobby of the hotel is beautiful.  When you walk in you take the elevators to the left up to the 9th floor, and you’re at the restaurant! Fantastic views of the city from the outside seating area.  All the dark clouds you see are from moisture being drawn up from the Gulf of Mexico by the remains of hurricane Laura, which is all the way up in Kentucky now!  It was the strongest hurricane to ever hit Louisiana.

Being pretty hungry, we ordered the entire COOLinary menu and the Crab Beignets.


And the food!



The crab stuffed tomato was delicious.  Solid crab meat in a creamy dressing with a great curry flavor.

The Pig Ear Salad wasn’t much of a salad.  It was a large serving of fried pig ears with a little greenery under them!  I hadn’t had pig ears since a dinner at Johnny Sanchez.  I love them.  These were great.  Nice and crisp.  I’m not sure what they seasoned them with but it tasted kind of like the stuff they put on ranch flavored tortilla chips.  The dressing on the greens underneath was very good.

The Crab Beignets were ok.  A creamy crabmeat mixture, deep fried and served with tarter sauce.

I was glad to see the fish and chips were made with redfish, which is a native fish.  I hate seeing imported seafood served in restaurants when we’ve got so much fresh, local seafood.  My dining partner thought the fillets were too thick.  She likes thinner fillets.  Luckily, I like my fish like my women.  Chunky!  The thick cut potato chips tasted like they were coated with a malt vinegar seasoning.  Good dish!

The fried burger poboy was ok.  When I was a kid they used to feed me these little breaded beefsticks.    Like fish sticks but made with beef.  Or some meat I was told was beef.  That’s what the meat on this sandwich tasted like.  The gravy on it was yummy!

The bread pudding and peach cobbler were both very good!  When I saw the bread pudding was baked in a pan like I brownie I thought it was going to be pretty dense.  It wasn’t.  Kind of light with a creamy texture and flavor like it had a rum sauce baked into it.  And best of all, NO RAISINS!  Both were topped with good vanilla ice cream.

Pretty good meal with a beautiful view.  I like this place!

1000 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-528-1941

Blaine 8-28-2020



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  1. If fish and chips are cooked correctly they don’t feel like an anchor in your stomach…this looks really good. I go to an Irish pub to get them here in Nashville.

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