La Chilanga Bar & Grill, Kenner, LA Report #318

A coworker told me this was a good place for authentic Mexican food.  I typed “La Chilanga” into my Spanish to English translator and it says it means “woman from Mexico city”.  Ok.  Let’s just get to the food.

We decided on a small cheese dip to go with the complimentary chips and salsa, a beef and a tripe taco, a beef gordita, the carne asada with a chili relleno, and flan for dessert.





As everywhere does, they start you out with complimentary chips and salsa.  The chips aren’t hot like they’re fresh fried or anything, but they’re good!  And the salsa isn’t chunky at all.  It was more like a thick, not very spicy, hot sauce.  Also good.

The small cheese dip was plenty for two people.  I’m glad we didn’t order a large.  There was nothing special about it.  Could have just been some Velveeta melted in a microwave.

My dining partner enjoyed the gordita.  She said the beef was very tender and seasoned really good.  She also liked the chicken taco.

I had the tripe taco and that was delicious.  The tripe was crispy, like it had been fried.  I never had it that way before but I’ll definitely like to have it that way again!

The plate pictured right over the flan was my carne asada with a chili relleno.  Under the chili relleno was a nice size flank steak (I think), that was tender and very well seasoned.  The chili relleno was also very good, as were the rice and beans.  The salad had a dressing on it that tasted like Thousand Island.  Very good dish overall.

The flan was really dense.  Not sure how they got it that solid.  But tasty!

Nice place for authentic Mexican grub!

3229 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA  70065  Ph: 504-470-2056

Blaine 8-29-2020


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