Desire Oyster Bar, New Orleans, LA Report #322

This is it! My last COOLinary meal of the 2020 season. I did pretty good. Had 6 of them! The other 5 were dinners. This was the only lunch.

This restaurant is located on world famous Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter. It’s in the Royal Sonesta hotel, but there’s an entrance allowing you to walk in off the street.

We decided on the To Desire Fries as an appetizer off the regular menu. Off the COOLinary menu we had the gumbo, Surf & Turf Pasta, Soft Shell Crab BLT, pecan pie and bread pudding.


Everything was very good! First we had the To Desire fries. The fries were pretty crisp, the etouffee sauce was tasty, and they gave us a nice little helping of fried crawfish on top. And the portion size was just right for an appetizer.

The gumbo was very flavorful with a nice color to it, and plenty of chicken and andouille sausage.

My dining partner had the pasta, and loved it. She said it was just as good as the pasta she had last night at Tommy’s Cuisine, which is a serious compliment!

I had the Soft Shell Crab BLT. How can you possibly mess up soft shelled crab and bacon? If it’s even possible, they didn’t do it. Very good sandwich.

I am a bread pudding lover. This one was pretty good. Nothing to really brag about, but I was happy with it.

I’ve never been a pecan pie fan, but my dining partner is a pecan pie connoisseur! She said this one was one of the best she ever had. According to her the filling wasn’t too sweet (which is one reason I don’t care for pecan pies), and it had the perfect amount of pecans.

Very good lunch. If you find yourself on Bourbon St., I recommend this place!

300 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-553-2281

Blaine 9-12-2020

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