Black Velvet Oyster Bar & Grill, Buras, LA Report #324

Don’t ask how I ended up way down in Buras, Louisiana. The third picture above shows where it is. The blue dot shows my current location in New Orleans, and the little red balloon where you almost run out of Louisiana to travel through is Buras.

There’s not a lot to do in Buras. There’s a Civil War fort named Fort Jackson nearby. That’s pretty cool to visit. It was constructed between 1822-1832, and was the site of a Civil War battle.

There’s also a lot of fishing. You can book offshore charters out into the Gulf Of Mexico for some deep sea fishing. Or closer in trips if you don’t want to lose sight of land.

But if you come down here, 10 to 1 you’ll want to eat! And there’s not many options. Luckily, we found this place.

We decided on:

And the food!

The Duck Tenders were ok. For me the duck was cut a little too thin for the amount of breading on them, making it hard to taste the duck. I loved the little oyster shell dipping bowl for the sauce. Really cute.

The Mini Meat Pies were really good. As was the remoulade dipping sauce that came with them.

The Seafood Gumbo was yummy, with plenty of shrimp in it.

I had the Crab Cake Platter with a side of fries. Very good. They serve it with a white cheese sauce. Never had cheese sauce with crab cakes before, but it worked.

Now, my regular dining partner had the Seafood Quesadilla. It looked great, but I knew better than to ask for a taste while she was still hungry. That’s like trying to take food from a hungry bear! So I patiently waited, knowing with what we had eaten so far, there was no way she could eat the whole thing.

My strategy worked. When she started getting full I got a piece! Full of seafood. I’d definitely order it again.

They make a good club sandwich. And their fries are fried nice and crisp, just how I like them.

But the star of this meal was the bread pudding. Honestly one of the best I’ve ever had. The menu describes it as a “rich custard like pudding”, and that description is spot on! Light, custardy, and swimming in a delicious rum sauce. I hate when they just drizzle a little sauce on the top. I’d almost drive all the way here from New Orleans just to get this again!

Great place. I recommend it!

105 Everard Ln., Buras, LA 70041 Ph: 504-657-9990

Blaine 9-25-2020

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