Wasabi, New Orleans, LA Report #325

This place is located in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, which is right next to the French Quarter. We came here today because I had something I hadn’t used in a while. A Groupon! I forget when I bought it, but I think it was supposed to expire in May or June, but thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic they extended the expiration date until October. I had forgot all about it, until I saw it a few days ago.

We decided on:

And the food!!

First, the Wasabi Poppers. Jalapeños stuffed with snow crab and cream cheese, deep fried, and topped with some kind of sauce. This is the kind of dish that makes you wish you were dining alone. I could have easily ate all six, but I had to share!

They were delicious. I guess deep frying them took the heat out of the peppers, because they weren’t hot at all. But they had that delicious jalapeño flavor. The cream cheese was melted around the snow crab inside, and the outside batter was nice and crispy. If you come here you really should get these!

The steamed shrimp Shumai was pretty good. Maybe it’s just me, but these all taste about the same no matter where I go. But that’s a good thing because I like them.

The Yaki Udon came out on a sizzling platter. We chose the seafood one, which came with scallops, white fish and that imitation crab in it. Very good dish! Everything had a great flavor.

My dining partner had the shrimp tempura dinner, which came with the obligatory clear soup and salad. She really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the Wasabi House Roll. The contrast between the cool cream cheese and snow crab on the inside, with the warm BBQ eel, spicy tuna and fresh salmon on top, was fantastic.

Everything was really good. I recommend this place!

900 Frenchman St., New Orleans, LA 70116 Ph:504-943-9433

Blaine 10-2-2020


8 thoughts on “Wasabi, New Orleans, LA Report #325

    1. There you go with that again! This time, the answer is yes! Think of a pretty delicate fish, grilled, then covered in what they call eel sauce. It’s soy sauce, mirin (sweet Japanese wine) and sugar, cooked down until it’s like a syrup. Of course that’d make cardboard delicious! Every sushi restaurant has it. Stop in one and get eel sushi.

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      1. Love soy sauce and fish…never thought about combining those… so I like what I’m hearing. I will give it a try…
        and…………..you know I’ll ask again! lol

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