Pho Orchid, Metairie, LA Report #326

It hit me I like Tan Dinh so much I hadn’t been anywhere else for Vietnamese food in a long time. A couple of people told me this place was good, so we figured we’d give it a try.

We decided on:


The Torpedo Shrimp were large, butterflied shrimp, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in a wonton wrappers and deep fried. They were served with a delicious sweet sauce for dipping. Extremely yummy. We enjoyed it.

My dining partner had the grilled pork Vermicelli Bowl with an added eggroll. She said it was great.

I had a large bowl of Beef Pho, with eye of round, soft tendon, and I had them add tripe to it. I normally add a little fish sauce and/or Hoisin sauce to my pho, but this broth was so good I didn’t have to add anything. Fantastic.

That’s it! Short and sweet. Everything was good. Come here and eat!

3117 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-457-4188

Blaine 10-11-2020


I’ve been eating like a pig this weekend! For dinner something light sounded good. Like maybe a bowl of Pho. So we came in here and after looking at the menu that plan fell apart.

I had:

The food:

I normally just drink water with my meals. But tonight I noticed club soda with fresh lemon juice on the menu. That sounded pretty light and refreshing! So I ordered it.

Turns out its a DIY drink. You get a glass of lemon juice and a bottle of club soda. At least I thought it was just lemon juice. After I mixed in the club soda and tasted it, it was delicious! But then it hit me. It had to be sweetened with something. It wasn’t really too sweet, but just plain lemon juice would have been very tart.

I asked our waiter and he said it was sweetened with simple syrup. I think that’s something they should have noted on the menu, in case you’re a diabetic or something. I’m not, and I really enjoyed it.

The eggrolls were very good.

This is what destroyed my light meal intentions. I was going to get a vermicelli bowl, but when I saw Pad Thai on the menu, I had to have it. Strange seeing that on the menu in a Vietnamese place. I ordered the combo Pad Thai, and didn’t regret it! Very good.

We ordered the Salt & Pepper Wings as an appetizer, but they’re pictured last because we got them last! When we ordered them our waiter said they’d take about 15 minutes. I had no problem with that. Just meant they were frying them fresh. The problem was everything else came out in 5 minutes! So if you order them and feel that they must be eaten first, you might want to tell your waiter not to put in the rest of the order until later.

They were fantastic! Nice, crispy salt and pepper studded crust. I asked the waiter what the sauce was and he said lime juice with salt and pepper, to cut the fat of the chicken wings. Great idea! And it gave the wings a nice citrusy flavor. But they were good without the sauce. The only wings I could think of I like better are the lemon grass chicken wings at Tan Dinh.

Another great meal here. And I saw so many other things on the menu I wanted to try I’ll be back again soon.

3117 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-457-4188

Blaine 11-7-2020


It’s COLD! 45 degrees as I’m typing this. For New Orleans, that’s cold! Time for some Pho. Among other things. We decided on grilled pork and shrimp spring rolls, the Orchid Pho and the Orchid Fried Rice.

The food!

My first time trying the spring rolls here. Very good!

I ordered the Orchid Pho because it had a little bit of everything in it. I didn’t really care for the idea of chicken. I’m a beef kind of guy. But that one piece of chicken in the picture was the only piece in there. And it was good! This was a small bowl by the way. I’m sure the large or XL bowls would have a lot more.

I got the small bowl to save room for the fried rice. It was excellent! Just salty enough, with that little oily flavor on each grain of rice telling you it had been properly fried. Yummy!

Always a good meal at this place.

3117 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-457-4188

Blaine 1-9-2021


Tried a couple new dishes tonight:

&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&

We went with the pork belly tacos. What I love about pork belly is the fattiness. This had a little, but it was kind of lean. Veggie wise they really load them up with shredded carrots. A little too much in my opinion. I also thought the steamed buns they use for the taco shells was also a little too sweet. Overall they were pretty good, but I don’t think I’d order them again.

If you look at the second menu picture above you see I have a check by the Chicken or Shrimp w/Garlic Sauce. That’s what I ordered. The shrimp that is. When the waiter, who had a serious Vietnamese accent brought my dish to the table he put it down and said, “SHRIMP GINGER”, then disappeared! I asked my dining partner, “Did he say ‘shrimp ginger'”? She said yes.

Well, it looked and smelled so good I wasn’t sending it back! I started eating it and it was definitely full of ginger! And delicious.

When he came back my brain had a malfunction and I told him I had ordered the shrimp with lobster sauce. I guess that popped into my head after a lifetime of eating non-authentic Chinese food. He said they didn’t have that! He went and got the menu and I pointed to the shrimp and garlic sauce, just as I had pointed to it when I ordered it. He said that’s what I got. But then I noticed they have ginger shrimp on the menu, and this dish had little matchsticks of ginger in it, so I know that’s what he brought me.

All that being said, the Ginger Shrimp is yummy! I’d definitely get it again.

Another good dinner. Love this place.

3117 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-457-4188

Blaine 4-24-2021

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