NOLA Caye, New Orleans, LA Report #327

This place is located in the Central Business District of New Orleans. Nice, clean looking place with a huge bar. What got me in here? I saw they had a lobster roll on the menu. I had my first lobster roll in Middletown, Rhode Island in 2008, and fell in love with them! Back then you couldn’t find them anywhere in New Orleans. Now, you’ll see them every now and then on a menu, but they’re still rare. The price for the one here was listed on the menu as “MKT”.

I normally don’t worry about prices. I like food! If I feel like eating something, I order it! But I’m not crazy. I’ll only pay so much for a sandwich. I decided before we walked in if it was under $30, it was going to be mine. It was $37. Forget that. Fat Boy Pantry can put out an entire lobster po-boy for $18. No way I’m paying almost $40 for something I know is going to be a lot smaller.

We decided on the Crab & Conch Fritters, the Seared Tuna Street Tacos, the three tacos with two sides and the Banana Creme Pie for dessert.

And the food!

The fritters were ok. I’ve had conch fritters in the Bahamas which had nice chunks of conch in them that you could sink your teeth into. Everything inside of these was ground up a little too fine. In most of them, that is. Every now and then you’d find a chunk of seafood, but for the most part it was just like seafood flavored cornmeal.

The tuna tacos were absolutely delicious! The tuna was seared on the outside but nice and rare on the inside, and whatever kind of sauce they served with this dish was fantastic! And even though this was listed under “Starters” on the menu, it was enough to make a satisfying entrée for me.

With the three tacos meal, my dining partner ordered a steak, fried shrimp and pork taco, with black beans and yellow rice as sides. She really enjoyed all of them.

Then there was the Banana Creme Pie. Outstanding! Topped with plenty of whipped cream, fresh, ripe sliced bananas and caramel sauce.

Great place! I’ll be back.

898 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA 70113 Ph:504-302-1302

Blaine 10-17-2020


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