Bearcat Café, New Orleans, LA Report #328

We’ve tried to get into this place twice on weekends, but it’s so popular there’s always a long wait for a table. In fact, both times we went to High Hat Café, which is right on the corner just south of here, we were actually trying to come here! To finally get a table in this place we had to come in on a Wednesday at 10:00 AM, and they still had a nice crowd.

The menu has a little bit of everything! I’m not exactly sure what a “Bearcat” is, but the menu is divided into two parts. Good Cat and Bad Cat. Good Cat has healthy eating options, and Bad cat has the GOOD STUFF!! We gravitated to the Bad Cat options, of course.

We decided on orange juice, Crab Croquetta, a side of biscuits and grits, Shrimp and grits, Brisket Hash and a Fried Scallop Po’Boy.


My dining partner, who had the orange juice, simply asked for a glass of orange juice. Didn’t specify a size or anything. They bring you a jar, which looked to be at least 16oz of fresh squeezed orange juice. Easily enough for two people to share. And she said it was delicious.

The biscuits and grits? No complaints. Very good.

The Crab Croquetta was fantastic! Two deep fried crab cakes with a great flavor, covered in a crawfish cream sauce and served over a green onion remoulade. Don’t see how it could get any better!

My dining partners had the Shrimp And Grits and the Brisket Hash. They both were very happy with them. I tasted the Brisket Hash. I’d definitely order it!

Last, but not least, was my Fried Scallop Po’Boy, pictured in the last two pictures above. After I took the picture and greedily started chomping it down, I realized it was hard to see the scallops with all the delicious, fried potatoes in front of the sandwich. I should have taken the picture from a different angle. So I posted a second picture and using all of my computer skills, tried to circle the scallops.

I have never seen a fried scallop poboy on a menu anywhere in my life. I was expecting French bread covered with a bunch of those small, fried bay scallops. I was wrong. This was some kind of elongated bun, covered with, I think maybe five, HUGE sea scallops! I’m having trouble finding the words to express how delicious this was. The scallops were unbelievably tender and just melted in your mouth. The sandwich was dressed with very fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and that green onion remoulade we had earlier. If you love scallops this is a must try.

Fantastic place! I see why it’s so popular. I’ll be back!

2521 Jena St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-309-9011

Blaine 10-21-2020

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