Frida Southwest, Oklahoma City, OK Report #329

Oklahoma City! Never been here before. Nice looking city! But who cares about that? How’s the food? That’s all that mattered to me.

I was told this was the place to go. I’m not sure you’d call it Mexican food. If you look them up online they say their menu is inspired by the cuisine of Oklahoma, Santa Fe and northern Mexico.

The menu looked great! We decided on the Tuna Tartare and Seafood Tamale for starters. Two in our party are vegetarians, so they chose the Vegan Tamale and the Pepita Crusted Relleno. I ordered the Creekstone Short Rib and my final dining partner got the Frida Tortilla Soup and a side of Mac & Cheese. For dessert, the Rosemary Olive Oil Cake and the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cheesecake.

The food!

They start you off with some warm cornbread logs with melted butter. Very good.

The Tuna Tartare was excellent. They said the tuna was marinated in guajillo orange juice, whatever those are, which gave it a citrusy taste. Tasted more like a ceviche. But again, it was excellent!

I had to show two angles of the Seafood Tamale so you could see all the seafood that came with it. Two huge shrimp, a huge scallop, crab meat and some lobster meat. The next picture is the Vegan Tamales.

Now the thing about their tamales is they aren’t stuffed with anything. Both dished consisted of solid logs of cooked masa with nothing in them. The seafood and the veggies were served on the outside, which I thought was kind of strange.

Vegetarian #1 enjoyed the Vegan Tamales. To me, the seafood one lacked something. If you throw all of that high quality seafood in a dish, it’s going to be good! Even if you just served it all over a biscuit! But with a little care and culinary skill, the dish should be spectacular. It wasn’t. It was just pretty good. And the scallop tasted like it wasn’t seasoned at all. Just a little salt on it would have been nice.

The chili relleno was so big Vegetarian #2 could only eat half of it. I didn’t try it but she said it was yummy.

My dish, the Creekstone Short Rib was delicious! The beef was fork tender and juicy, the sauce was delicious, and the cheese grits were the perfect side.

I did get to try the tortilla soup and the mac n cheese. The soup was good, but the mac n cheese was probably the best thing we had! We got it with the short rib in it. Creamy, cheesy, but not too rich, with delicious bits of tender beef in it. Be sure to try it if you get here.

Both desserts were outstanding! Especially the chocolate cheesecake. It was really dense, like a flourless cake. I love those! A big chunk of chocolatey deliciousness!

Will I drive to Oklahaoma City to hit this place again? HELL NO! That was a 10 hour drive! I’ll never do that again. But if someone else does the driving, I’d take the ride.

500 Paseo, Oklahoima City, OK 73103 Ph: 405-683-7432

Blaine 10-23-2020

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