Bradford House, Oklahoma City, OK Report #330

This one will be short and sweet because this is more of a hotel report than a food report. Everything was good, but nothing was really extraordinary about the food. We were in Oklahoma City visiting my daughter. She had stayed in this hotel on a trip up there and really loved it, so we popped in for breakfast.

Talk about a beautiful, elegant place! I went to the restroom and, if you look at the third picture above, they had little cloth towels rolled up for you to dry your hands with. How elegant is that? I’d love to stay here. But here’s a little tip. If you come in just to eat, and when the check comes you’re thinking about telling them something like, “Just charge it to room 203”, and sneaking out, BEWARE! They ONLY have 36 rooms. So keep your room number under 36!

We had:

And the food!

The best thing was the little pesto, goat cheese, red pepper Danish we got from their bake shop. I really enjoyed that. Everything else was pretty good, but nothing special worth mentioning. If you’re in Oklahoma City and looking for a beautiful place to stay, with a decent breakfast, I think you’ll be happy here!

1235 NW 38th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Ph:405-451-3693

Blaine 10-23-2020

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