Luca Eats, New Orleans, LA Report #332

This place is located back in a residential neighborhood, well off any main drag. If you see that cemetery, which is right across the street from the restaurant, you know you’re close! If you look at that cemetery (3rd pic) you’ll notice the graves are above ground. That’s because here in New Orleans we’re below sea level, so if you bury people in the ground they’ll float up sooner or later.

This place has been on my list to try for years for one reason. Oreo Beignets! It’s taken me so long to get here because they only have outdoor seating. I hate sitting outside when it’s 95 degrees. But this is the time of year in New Orleans for outdoor dining. The weather’s been beautiful! Except for the fact we got hit by a hurricane Wednesday, that is.

So we get here and the place was pretty crowded. I go grab a table and my dining partner goes up to the window to place our order. We’re told we have to submit and pay for our order online, and they’ll call our name when it’s ready. I’m not sure if that’s their normal procedure or due to some of the extraordinary circumstances we’ve experienced in 2020, but we did. Our order was accepted at 11:59am and I received a text notification that our food would be ready at 12:15pm.

We ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, a steak and egg sandwich, a side of grits, the Oreo beignets, white chocolate bread pudding, and two Café au laits.

The food!

While we were waiting for our food, they kept announcing that they were really backed up and they appreciated our patience. I don’t know what their normal crowds are like, but they were pretty busy. Maybe more than normal because a lot of people still don’t have power after the hurricane and may have been coming here to grab some grub.

Instead of 12:15pm like our text promised, we got our Café au lait’s at 12:40pm, and our food at 1:05pm.

“Café au lait” literally means “coffee with milk”. I loved the nice foamy top on our coffees. I thought it was delicious. My dining partner, who’s more of a coffee connoisseur, thought they had too much milk and not enough coffee. I didn’t want to get hurt so I didn’t argue.

The sandwiches and grits were great! I had the steak sandwich. The steak was juicy and nice and tender. And the sandwiches were the perfect size. Enough to fill you up without overstuffing you.

Even if you don’t like Oreos you’ll love them fried in a beignet! Delicious. So was the bread pudding.

Great food! If you decided to come give it a try I’d suggest you put your order in online early.

7329 Cohn St., New Orleans, LA 70118 Ph: 504-866-1166

Blaine 11-1-2020

6 thoughts on “Luca Eats, New Orleans, LA Report #332

  1. Ok…I’m not going to ask you what something tastes like lol…but I’ve rediscovered grits again. A relative came down and made some…he used sugar and butter in them… I know a lot of people would scoff at that but they are good…of course sugar and butter makes a lot of stuff good.

    Are the grits there plain white grits?

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    1. Both. White and yellow. Normally cooking at home people use white grits. But yeah, down here nobody puts sugar in grits. I’m 56 years old and never even tasted sugar in grits. Just butter and salt. Maybe cheese if the mood hits ya. When I first joined the Navy a girl and I went to pick up breakfast to bring back to the office and she grabbed some sugar packs. I asked what that was for since we didn’t get any coffee, and she said “my grits of course”. I immediately asked “where you from”? She said Tennessee. I said, “that explains it”.

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      1. My cousin and I are laughing our asses off. Yep…it has a taste of oatmeal a little. Don’t get me wrong…it’s really damn good.
        Come to think of it…my mom cooked them before with salt so I do remember that.

        LOL it must be a Tennessee thing. I was wondering about that man.

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      2. Growing up, and still today, one of my favorite breakfastes are bacon, eggs and grits. Put the grits on the plate (your grits can’t be too runny), put a couple over easy eggs over the grits, and a few slices of crisp bacon. Them chop it all up together! So the egg yolks run into the grits and you have bacon bits throughout. In each forkful get some of each ingredient. You gotta try that!

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      3. I’m hungry dude…just by what you said. Will try…my cousin comes down most weekends and cooks…he is single and bored…so he said it will be done next weekend.

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