Bayou Bistro, New Orleans, LA Report #334

Let me tell you how I found out about this place. I have a rewards credit card for a popular hotel chain. Last month they sent me this email saying if you dine at certain participating restaurants and use their credit card, they’ll give you a bunch of reward points. NOLA Caye was on that list, so that’s how I ended up there. This place was also on the list. The menu looked good, so we figured we’d give it a shot tonight.

Located on a major street in a popular part of new Orleans, I was worried about getting a table on a pandemic, reduced occupancy, Friday night, so we called first to see if there was a wait for a table. They told us there wasn’t. That gave me a bad feeling. Like maybe they have tables available because the food isn’t so good.

So we arrive, and parked on a side street. As we’re walking past the side of the building, which has big glass windows, we can see that the place is empty. Not one table occupied. Just a couple people sitting at the bar drinking. Ok. Now I’m really worried.

Then we get to the front door. If you’ve ever been on Bourbon St. in New Orleans, almost every bar and club you walk past has a guy or girl outside touting drink deals and trying to get you to step inside. This place has a guy out front with a menu doing the same thing! He sees us and tells us they’ve got hot food, cold food, whatever we want! I felt like saying, “If you’d just step aside we were already coming in here to eat”! Nice guy. He wasn’t pushy or anything, and held the door open for us.

Then our waiter came up. Really nice and entertaining guy. He said he wanted to run things down to us about the way they’re operating during this pandemic. First, all the food was prepared in to go containers. Second, no matter what we ordered, it was all coming out at the same time. That way they limited the number of hands handling the food. He said the food was going from the cook, to him, to us. Period. That was the plan.

We decided on:

And the FOOD!

Nothing is pretty about food in to go containers. But remember I was leery about the food here? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything was delicious! In fact, after we had our food for about 5 minutes, our waiter came back and said, “Now that y’all had time to taste everything, how is it all”? We said DELICIOUS! He said, “Ya see that? People just don’t know about this place”! Well, now thanks to the vast audience my blogs have, at LEAST 8 people will know. Maybe as many as 10!

The gumbo wasn’t a real thick, dark roux type gumbo, but it was very good. Plenty of ingredients and a great flavor.

The crab cakes were two, 2 oz crab cakes. So 4 ounces total. I bet they were 3.9 ounces of crab meat. In the second picture of them on the right I was trying to hold up a piece so you could see the crab meat hanging from my fork. Not jumbo lump, but the white meat you’d get out the body that is full of crabby goodness. They were fantastic.

My dining partner loved the seafood pasta. It was full of seafood, nice and creamy, and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

Funny, but I think the last time I had crawfish etouffe was at a place right up the street from here called Mr. Ed’s. I looked back at my report on it to remind myself how bad it was. There were maybe 5 crawfish tails in the whole dish.

Here, if I had a bigger spoon I could have gotten 5 crawfish tails in each bite! And the flavor was great. I think they may have added a little liquid crab boil to it to give it a little extra kick. Very good.

If you’re looking for good Louisiana cuisine in Mid-City, this is a great place for it!

3340 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70119 Ph: 504-644-4971

Blaine 11-6-2020

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