KY’s Olde Towne Bicycle Shop, Slidell, LA Report #333

The city of Slidell is located across the eastern side of Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. This place is in a section of the city referred to as “Olde Towne”. Quaint little area. And the building this restaurant is located in has a long history, dating back to 1902! It’s at the bottom of the second page of the menu above if you care to read it.

Anyway, we ended up crossing the lake to take care of some business today and decided to stop in for lunch. We decided on the Loaded Cheese Fries, a shrimp po-boy with a side of white beans, a hamburger po-boy with a side of potato salad, and bread pudding.

The food!

The cheese fries came topped with sour cream and bacon. They were pretty good. Could have used a little more sour cream. Everyone here was so friendly I know they would have gladly brought me some if I asked, but they came around and recommended some ranch dressing. I went with that instead. It was a nice addition!

Their po-boys come dressed and with fries at no extra charge. Since we had fries as an appetizer, we opted for different sides. I was sorry to hear they didn’t have onion rings. My dining partner decided on white beans with her shrimp po-boy, and I decided on potato salad with my hamburger po-boy.

Speaking of the po-boys coming “dressed”, that normally means with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Never with onions. But here, they put onions on it too. I love onions, so I was happy! My dining partner wasn’t. She complained. I told her, “Just take the damn onions off”! She looked me dead in the eye and said, “I’ll deal with you later”. I’m still in hiding.

Both po-boys were very good! Nice fresh bread and all the veggies were really fresh. The shrimp and the hamburger meat were seasoned nicely.

My dining partner loved the white bens, and my potato salad was fantasic! I love a good potato salad.

Then there was the bread pudding. One thing I hate is when they bring you bread pudding, with a delicious sauce, and they only drizzle a little of it decoratively across the top trying to be “cute”. Ain’t nothing cute about bread pudding, so just make it good! They do that here. It came swimming in a delicious rum sauce! Utterly delicious.

Great place place for lunch. Definitely worth a visit.

2267 Carey St., Slidell, LA 70458 Ph: 985-641-1911

Blaine 11-6-2020

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