Sala, New Orleans, LA Report #335

This building has been several different restaurants over the years. I remember eating here when it was a Ground Pati back in the 80’s.

But now it’s a place called Sala. Nice looking place, with a few tables outside in front if you prefer dining outdoors. Plenty of comfy seating inside.

There’s a burger and a few other items on the menu, but the menu seems geared mainly towards breakfast, with a Benedicts and omelettes section on the menu. We decided to hit both of those! With Zeppole for dessert.


Everything was good! I really wanted to try the crab cake benedict and the smoked salmon one. Since you got two per order, and they were the same price, I asked my waiter if I could get one of each. He told me I couldn’t. So I went with the crab cake benedict.

The cake wasn’t loaded with lump crabmeat, but enough that it had a really good crabby flavor. And the eggs were poached perfectly.

My dining partner was feeling benevolent today so she allowed me to taste her crab and bacon omelette. Just as with my crab cakes, it wasn’t loaded with crabmeat, but you could definitely taste that delicious crab flavor. And it was cooked nice and fluffy. I hate when you get an overcooked, hard omelette.

We both got potatoes as a side and she got a biscuit. Very good. She’s a biscuit connoisseur and she loved it.

The Zeppole were really yummy. But how could fried dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served over cream cheese icing for scooping NOT be good?

One thing I didn’t mention was this place is only a block away from a favorite breakfast place of mine, Russell’s Marina Grill. The good thing about Sala is they take reservations, which I’d recommend. Russell’s doesn’t. In fact, when we drove by Russell’s there was the normal huge crowd of people waiting outside for a table.

Nice place! I definitely recommend it.

124 Lake Marina Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-513-2670

Blaine 11-15-2020

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