Fullblast Brunch, New Orleans, LA Report #341

Back in Report #334, I explained how my rewards credit card gives me points for dining at certain restaurants. This one was on the list. Being located on a back street in a residential area, that’s the only way I would have found out about it!

Nice looking little place. You can tell a lot about a place from their condiments. Real butter packs on the table instead of some cheap vegetable oil spread. I also like the sea salt and pepper grinders instead of shakers. And finally, packs of STRAWBERRY jam! I love strawberry jam. Maybe it’s just my luck I normally see grape, apple or “mixed fruit”, whatever the hell that is. I’m happy when I don’t have to ask for strawberry!

We decided on:


My dining partner had the Cajun Scramble. She described it as “utterly delicious”. The menu said the smoked sausage was seared, and she loves it that way. With a little char on it, and that’s the way it was. And full of large shrimp too.

Same with my Shrimp & Cheddar Omelet. Full of huge shrimp. I like my omelets like my women. Soft and fluffy. This one wasn’t. It was pretty firm, but it tasted like it was fried in butter. Great buttery taste. You fry something in enough butter and you can fry it so hard you could play Frisbee with it, and it still taste good!

Speaking of butter, the middle picture of the waffle above is how a waffle SHOULD be buttered. Butter in every cell. My dining partner added some chopped pecans to hers. The waffle was great!

Really enjoyed the food here, however the service could have been better.

139 S. Cortez St., New Orleans, LA 70119 Ph: 504-302-2800

Blaine 11-29-2020

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