Juan’s Flying Burrito, New Orleans, LA Report #344

This place has been slinging Mexican food in New Orleans since 1997. It’s pretty popular, so I can’t believe I’ve never been here! Their website says when they came into being they were loosely based on San Francisco Mission-style burrito joints, that were in vogue during the 1980’s and early 90’s. Well, tonight was my night to finally partake in their grub.

We decided on chips, queso and guacamole for a starter. My dining partner went with The Flying Burrito, and I went with cheese enchiladas with shrimp added.


The chips, queso and guac were yummy. You can taste the lime in the guacamole. I love that citrusy taste.

My dining partner said The Flying Burrito was very good! It was loaded with steak, shrimp and chicken. I know you can’t tell how good it was by the picture. I wanted to get a picture of the inside, but she was hungry, so she was eating so fast I thought I might get a stab wound if I reached over there!

When you tell them add shrimp to the enchiladas, they don’t mess around. They were packed with nice size shrimp. And I like the black beans they serve instead of the pinto beans you normally get in other Mexican places.

Very good dinner. I recommend the place!

Blaine 12-13-2020

4724 S. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119 Ph: 504-486-9950

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