Vessel NOLA, New Orleans, LA Report #350

Obviously, this building used to be a church. It was built in 1914. It’s been a restaurant as long as a I can remember, which is a long time. In fact, back in the 1970’s I went to high school within walking distance of this place. I always used to see it and think that one day I’d like to see what the inside looked like.

It’s located only a block off the Canal Street streetcar line, so if you use public transit you’re a short ride from the CBD and French Quarter.

The restaurant is beautiful! I love all the hardwood. On the floors AND ceiling! And the lovely stained glass windows. The bottles of liquor at the bar are on shelves so high they have a ladder mounted on a rail that they can roll along the wall to get to all of them.

The first menu pictured above was their New Years Eve 2020 menu which I saw hanging on the wall in the bathroom. Looked fantastic! If I make it through 2021 I might have to come back here to try it. But today, we decided on:


The Smoked Fish Dip was delicious! I asked the waitress what kind of fish it was. She named several fish and said it could be any of them or a combination. Basically, whatever they have on hand gets smoked and fish-diperized. When I saw the size of the jar I thought it was too small a portion. I was wrong. There was a lot in there! Only drawback to serving it in that jar was my tongue wasn’t long enough to reach the bottom of it so I could lick every bit out!

The Crawfish Croquettes were fantastic. Like savory beignets.

My dining partner loved the shrimp and grits. She kind of filled up on appetizers and started getting full before she finished it. That gave me an opportunity to steal a taste! Very good. A lighter, not as buttery a sauce as you find in a lot of other places.

My beef and lamb burger was awesome. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too much beef so I could really taste the lamb. I could! In fact, lamb was about all I could taste, which is fine with me! I love lamb.

I’ve got to mention the fries. I’m a fry purist. I love just plain potatoes, fried crisp and salted. I get nervous when I see some fancy flavoring was added to them. In this case they say they’re, “rosemary brown butter fries”. I was hoping they wouldn’t be greasy.

They weren’t! Some of the best fries I ever had. Thin and crisp with a really good flavor. A flavor I’ve never tasted on fries. Excellent.

I was going to try a dessert, but it’s king cake season here in New Orleans. Today, I bought my first one at Hi-Do Bakery. Their king cakes are delicious! I was looking forward to heading home and cutting into it. If you’re not familiar with Hi-Do, click on the name.

Great dinner tonight. I highly recommend this place!

3835 Iberville St., New Orleans, LA 70119 Ph: 504-603-2775

Blaine 1-8-2021


After I finished this report I was told by a friend of mine that this place was HAUNTED. So I looked it up. Ain’t that something?

3835 Iberville St., New Orleans, LA 70119 Ph: 504-603-2775

Blaine 1-9-2021

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