Table & Tap 5216, Metairie, LA Report #351

I ended up in a conversation about restaurant appetizers with a friend on social media who knows good food. She mentioned this place served avocado fries which she described as, “da bomb”! That’s means they’re very good for all you people that aren’t as hip as me. That was all I needed to hear. Ever since the avocado eggrolls at BJ’s Brewhouse changed my life, I’m down for anything avocado! We headed there for lunch.

The place is beautiful. It’s a sports bar, with no lack of TVs to catch a game. But I noticed it wasn’t just a hangout for youngsters to drink. A couple of middle aged couples came in. Now if a Saints game had been on, I would have understood that. But since the only game on TV was a college basketball game between Kentucky and Auburn, which means nothing to us here in Southeast Louisiana, I knew they had to be coming in for the food! So I was optimistic I was in for a good lunch.

We decided on:


The avocado fries are served with a chipotle ranch for dipping. I always taste something by itself first before I try the accompanying dip. I was sorry I did. That was a wasted dipless bite! The fries are delicious, AND the dip is delicious! If you come in here don’t pass on these. Unless you’re an avocado hater, of course.

The Kung Fu nachos came with won ton chips. That sounded weird, so we almost passed on these. That would have been a big mistake. These were SOOOOO much better than corn chips! They weren’t won tons in my opinion, but I’m not sure how to describe them. Light, puffy, and very crisp. Normally when we get nachos there are some chips that were toppingless or something leftover. They didn’t even have to wash this plate when we were done. We cleaned it.

My dining partner had the Cuban sandwich with garlic fries. She enjoyed it.

I had the Best Buds Burger. It came with hickory sauce, chopped white onions and sharp cheddar cheese. I added lettuce and pickles. When I got it I figured I’d add some mayo but that wasn’t necessary. It was outstanding the way it was! It was cooked perfectly medium as I ordered it, and the patty was super tender. The bun was also nice and fresh. Excellent burger!

Great place for lunch. I will return!

5216 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, LA 70003 Ph: 504-766-1417

Blaine 1-16-2021

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