Poseidon, New Orleans, LA Report #353

Sushi for lunch today! This place is located on the bottom floor of a Condo/Apartment building in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Honestly, until today I never even knew it was in there. My dining partner is a fan of this place, and their Poseidon Roll.

Nice looking restaurant. I guess the bar seating is closed do to the Covid pandemic. We decided on Salmon Tartar, the Poseidon Roll, the Fat Cowboy Roll, a Beef Teriyaki Bento Box, and smelt roe and eel sushi.


The Salmon tartar was very good! Fresh salmon in a light, mayo type sauce, on a bed of ripe avocado chunks. The wonton chips were also very crisp and fresh.

The Bento Box was ok, but nothing extraordinary. It came with a salmon tempura roll which was delicious! I’d order a couple of those next visit.

All the sushi was nicely done. I see why my dining partner is crazy about the Poseidon Roll. Seriously yummy, as was everything else.

Nice place. I’d recommend it!

2100 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-509-6675

Blaine 1-19-2021


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