Ancora, New Orleans, LA Report #354

Last Monday we tried to go to Mark Twain’s for pizza, but they were closed! I didn’t know they were closed every Monday. I’ve been wanting pizza ever since.

New Orleans isn’t a pizza town like New York or Chicago. And of course not like Italy. But I heard this place had a huge pizza oven that was imported from Naples, Italy, all in one piece. It was so big they couldn’t get it in the place, so they had to remove windows from the building to get it in there! Cost them more to get it inside than the shipping from Italy. And the oven is so good it can cook a Neapolitan style pizza in 90 seconds! Well, that oven is about as close to Italy as I’m getting anytime soon so we figured we’d give it a try.

This place is located in a great food block. It’s sandwiched between High Hat Café and Acropolis on Freret. Also, Piccola Gelateria is right across the street. I’ve been to each one of those and love them!

We decided on Crawfish Gnocchi, Quattro Formaggi with meatballs and Enzo Diavola pizzas, and Ricotta ice cream with lime zest.

The food!

I was hankering pizza but the Crawfish Gnocchi is actually what got me in this place. And I’m glad we came in. It was the best gnocchi I ever had. The gnocchi itself had a good crawfish flavor. Like maybe they boiled it in crawfish broth or something. If you’re a gnocchi fan don’t pass this dish up.

That imported oven did it’s job, perfectly blistering the very crisp, fantastic crust on our pizzas. We added meatballs to the cheese one, and they were great. We started to order the Diavola pizza, but our waitress recommended the Enzo Diavola because it had extra meat and was spicy. Good call. We loved the spice. Both pizzas were delicious.

The ice cream was very rich. You get two scoops, and that was enough for us to share. Very good.

Excellent place for pizza and more. I definitely recommend it!

4508 Freret St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-324-1636

Blaine 1-22-2021

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