Etouffée, Covington, LA Report #360

It was just two weeks ago I crossed the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway for a delicious dinner at The Dakota. Well, here I am doing it again! A friend of mine who lives across the lake visited this restaurant and loved it. I looked up the menu online and knew I had to pop in for a visit!

One thing I wondered was why I had never heard of this place. When I got here I found out. The place looks very nice. Like it’s brand new. Complete with a giant, blow up crawfish in front as if advertising a grand opening!

Well, it is brand new. Our waitress told us they only opened about a week and a half ago. I normally wouldn’t visit a restaurant that new. I like to give places time to get their act together. But this place seems to have it together already. Our service was great.

We decided on:

#################### THE FOOD ####################

It’s crawfish season in Louisiana, which means it’s time for boiled crawfish. Being early in the season they’re still kind of pricy. A friend of mine just bought some last week and paid $7/pound for them. So right now three pounds for $19.50 with some fixing isn’t bad.

These were nice. A good size and seasoned very well. But it just hit me as I’m typing this report. The menu said potatoes were supposed to be included with the crawfish and we didn’t get any. I’ll be driving back across the lake again tomorrow to tell them they owe me some potatoes!

We enjoyed the boudin eggrolls. Very crisp with a tasty boudin filling.

My dining partner had the Taste of the Bayou with a side of fried crawfish tails. I was able to sneak a taste of the fried catfish and crawfish tails when she went to the bathroom. Very good, as she said everything else was.

I had the Poppy’s Étouffé with a side of dirty rice. How could I come to a place called Etoufée and not try their etouffée? It was pretty good. Loaded with plenty of Louisiana crawfish tails and flavorful. And the jambalaya was delicious! I like the Cajun style jambalaya made with a brown roux, instead of the more tomato based style.

Last, but not least, dessert. Fried bread pudding. Utterly fantastic! When I took my fork and cut into the crispy crust, and the inside went **SQUIIIISH**, and some oozed out the side, I knew it was going to be great. It was like two blocks of a great bread pudding French toast. Perfect.

Very good dinner. I recommend this place!

500 River Highlands Blvd., Suite 100, Covington, LA 70433 Ph: 985-900-2446

Blaine 2-13-2021


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