Tic Toc Café, Metairie, LA Report #361

I’m always on the hunt for new breakfast spots. This is one of those places I’ve driven past a hundred times, and for some reason I never considered stopping in to eat. Today was the day to give them a try.

Pretty small place. They’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s pretty hard to find now days. Especially with this pandemic going on. They offer a military discount, which was much appreciated by this Navy veteran!

I was excited to see liver and onions on the menu. That was a standard breakfast in my house. Served with grits. I ordered that with toast. My dining partner decided on the Country Fried Steak with hash browns and a side order of grits. We also got an order of the Tic Toc Fries, and a pancake for dessert.

******************** THE FOOD ********************

There were a few snafus right from the start. When my liver and onions came out it was with a biscuit instead of toast. And my dining partners CFS came out with only grits, instead of hash browns and a side order of grits. Those issues were easily corrected.

I was disappointed when I got my liver and onions. I’ve always had it swimming in brown gravy. I guess there’s no law saying it’s got to be served that way, but it traditionally is.

Putting that aside, it was pretty good! There were plenty of grilled onions on it, which I love.

My dining partner said her Country Fried Steak was great. And when the hash browns came out they were nice and crispy. That made her happy because she ordered them fried extra crispy.

The fries were ok. Plenty of bacon on them, which was nice.

The pancake was excellent! Since we were splitting one we were glad to see it was so big! Nice and fluffy on the inside.

Good breakfast. I’m looking forward to coming back to trying some of their other food.

3205 36th St., Metairie, LA 70001 Ph: 504-834-6272

Blaine 2-21-2021

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