Rizzuto’s, New Orleans, LA Report #362

The perfect way to end my, “one day I’m allowed to have a cheat meal during Lent”, day! A great meal at a nice family run restaurant. In fact, this place is so family run when I asked our waiter about a certain dish we had he said his mom was in the kitchen cooking it!

Beautiful restaurant, tucked away in a mostly residential neighborhood of New Orleans known as West End. Big covered patio in front if you want to dine outside. This is one of those places you’d have to be looking for to find. I’ve heard great things about it and have been dying to get here for some time.

We decided on:

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ THE FOOD! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

If I tried I couldn’t complain about anything. When’s the last time you went somewhere that told you the percentage of crabmeat that went into their crab cake? Probably nowhere, because it’d be a pretty low number. But this thing is 96% crabmeat! No idea why the call it a crab “cake” though. They should just call it “Mound O Crab”. Seasoned well and unbelievably tasty.

The Eggplant Valentina was kind of like a little eggplant lasagna. If you’re an eggplant lover like me, don’t pass it up.

The meatballs were served with angel hair pasta. Delicious. Maybe the most tender meatballs I’ve ever had, and Lord knows I’ve had some so tough they should have been served with a steak knife!

The Seafood Lasagna was excellent. The cream sauce wasn’t too rich and the dish had plenty of seafood in it.

Finally, dessert. We ordered the bread pudding and two cups of coffee. The strangest thing happened. Our waiter brought out the bread pudding and the coffee AT THE SAME TIME!! Why the hell can’t EVERYONE do that???!! They’ll normally bring out the coffee, in a cup half full, then leave, come back with the dessert 20 minutes later, look at the empty coffee cup and say in a surprised voice, “Oh, you want more coffee”? Then leave, and come back 10 minutes later to refill the cup!

And what was better yet we were each given our own separate little pot of coffee, to refill our own cups. OUTSTANDING!

Speaking of outstanding, this bread pudding. Utterly delicious. First and foremost, NO raisins! Perfect texture, sweetness, and plenty of sauce. One of the best I’ve ever had.

I highly recommend this place!

6262 Fleur De Lis Dr., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-300-1804

Blaine 2-28-2021

7 thoughts on “Rizzuto’s, New Orleans, LA Report #362

  1. The service is wonderful at Rizzuto’s. It is “old school” which we especially love going to for special occasions or entertaining others. Truly a gem – I hope we are able to keep some restaurants like this in Nola. We go eat casual a lot also – but I hope restaurants like this will always have their place here.

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    1. You and me both. I grew up one block away from the original Eddie’s (Baquet) Restaurant. Took one of my prom dates there. I was so upset when his son’s place on Esplanade closed, but I’m glad to see he changed his mind and is reopening.


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