Oak Oven, Harahan, LA Report #370

I live in New Orleans and haven’t dined in Harahan in a some time. These reports I do are hugely popular, and I don’t want to neglect my Harahan readers. I’m sure I’ve got at least a few million there!

I keep a list of restaurants I want to try, and this place was on it. I can’t remember how I found out about it to put it on there. But after dining here tonight I’m glad I did!

Small place, so make a reservation. The wooden structure on the street side, that kind of blocked my view of the restaurant as I was driving along looking for it, is an enclosed outside dining area. And they have a wood burning oven! When I saw that I knew pizza would be on our table tonight.

We decided on:

&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD! &&&&&&&&&&

Any place that serves their drinks in Mason Jars is OK in my book!

The Focaccia bread they brought out was hot and delicious. I thought the dipping oil was just olive oil and some chili flakes, until I tasted it. Very good. I asked what was in it, and our waitress ran down a bunch of spices saying they cook (I’m thinking pan sauté) them, then mix them with olive oil. I mentioned red chili flake and she said she wasn’t sure if they used that, but the oil gets it’s red color from tomato paste! That was surprising.

We ordered a half Americano and half Formaggi pizza. Pepperoni and cheese. It did not disappoint! The wood fired oven did it’s job. Great crust and simple, delicious toppings.

My dining partner had the Penne Diavola. It had a bunch of nice sized shrimp and plenty of lump crabmeat in it! The sauce was a creamy tomato based sauce. She loved the dish.

I had the Beccafcio, who’s main component was Gulf fish stuffed with crabcake. The fish tonight was Amberjack. This dish was outstanding! One of the best fish dishes I’ve ever had. And the chunk of Amberjack was huge! I’m a big eater, and I couldn’t finish it.

Actually, I could have finished it, but had to save room for this. The bread pudding was more like a bread pudding combo dessert. Delicious bread pudding, with nothing foolish in it like raisins! Yummy gelato, candied pecans, and a wonderful rum sauce. Utterly fantastic!

Get here and try this place. You’ll be happy!

6625 Jefferson Hwy., Harahan, LA 70123 Ph: 504-305-4039

Blaine 4-17-2021


We were in the mood for one thing tonight. PIZZA! But then that veal ravioli on the specials board caught our eye, so our plans changed to ravioli and pizza. We ordered that, and a half Salsiccia and half Carne pizza.

%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%

The ravioli was delicious and the sauce was unbelievable. I was very close to licking the plate! I wished I had saved a piece of bread to sop it up.

And as I knew it would be, the pizza was great. Loved the green olives on the sausage half.

Another excellent meal at an excellent restaurant.

6625 Jefferson Hwy., Harahan, LA 70123 Ph: 504-305-4039

Blaine 5-25-2021

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