Asian Taste, Harvey, LA Report #374

When I woke up today it was raining. Most people wake up and think about what the day might hold for them. I wake up and immediately think about what I’m going to eat. For some reason the rain put me in the mood for Pho. Since I was hungry, I headed to the nearest place to my house I could get that. Tan Dinh.

When I got there it was closed! I’ve eaten there several times on Sundays. Learned the hard way they’re now closed Sundays. I was utterly devastated!!

Then I remembered seeing a place not far away that I thought might scratch my Asian soup itch. Didn’t even remember the name of the place. But I headed that way and ended up here.

Really diverse menu with Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food on it. I walked in with Pho on my mind, then I spotted Ramen on the menu. And Tonktsu Ramen at that! last time I had a bowl of that was at Royal Sushi, and it was delicious! So I ordered a bowl.

***** THE SOUP *****

I made a mistake. I had noticed on the menu they said you could get it with Vermicelli or Ramen Noodles. I wanted Ramen, but I forgot to tell my waitress. So it came with Vermicelli. My fault.

The soup was pretty good. Decent flavor and an adequate amount of pork in it. The best thing I can say about it is it would warm your belly on a cold day, but here in the New Orleans area we won’t have another one of those until October at the earliest. Nothing really wowed me about it.

If I’m craving really good Ramen, I’ll be heading back to Royal Sushi. I’d order something else here.

1308 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA 70058 Ph: 504-582-9980

Blaine 5-2-2021

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