The Backyard, New Orleans, LA Report #377

***** Stay tuned for a special BONUS report at the end! *****

I noticed this place a few months ago when we had an excellent Italian dinner at Rizzuto’s, which is right across the street. The smell of BBQ wafting from the joint made me put it on my list. Today, we ended up in the area so we popped in for dinner.

I guess it’s called “The Backyard” because there’s a big area in the backyard of the restaurant if you want to dine outside. I always prefer inside. I’m greedy and I don’t care to share my food with flies or my blood with mosquitos!

We ordered the smoked tuna dip for an appetizer. For our entrées we decided on the pulled pork sandwich, a hot dog, and a half rack of ribs, fries and tater tots. The ribs were a special not on the menu.

(((((((((((((((((((( THE FOOD ))))))))))))))))))))

When deciding on the appetizer, one thing that made up our mind was the fact the tuna dip came with house fried chips. My dining partner is a potato chip fiend. It was taking awhile to come out, so our waitress came to the table and explained they were out of chips, so they were making some more. GREAT! I don’t mind waiting a bit if they’re freshly fried!

Well, we waited a good while more. I thought plenty long enough for some chips to get fried. Then, finally, everything else came out. So we just cancelled the tuna dip. I was sad. I almost cried.

Then I bit into the pulled pork sandwich. I was happy again! It was piled high with meat just as the menu promised. And the “Not Sweet” BBQ sauce was just that. Kind of like a cross between what I’d call traditional BBQ sauce and that Carolina vinegar style BBQ sauce. I’m not a big fan of overly sweet BBQ sauce so I liked it.

The hot dog was fantastic! I should have got a better picture of it. I was in such a hurry to start eating I didn’t notice the pic I took mainly highlighted the fries (which were good by the way). Spiral cut and chargrilled, one of the best dogs I ever had!

Ribs, also very good. Nice smoky flavor and not too tender. Instead of fork tender “falling off the bone”, they still had a little bite to them. Love them like that.

Besides the snafu with the tuna dip, everything was very good. I’ll be back!

244 W. Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-309-8767

Blaine 5-15-2021

$$$$$$$$$$ SPECIAL BONUS REPORT $$$$$$$$$$

I didn’t ask about dessert at The Backyard because there’s a snoball stand across the street! It’s that time of year in New Orleans. My favorite way to beat the heat! I got a nectar cream flavor with condensed milk on top. Seriously yummy.

247 W. Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA Ph: 504-905-2366

Blaine 5-15-2021


Back tonight, with that smoked tuna dip and house fried chips on my mind. We ordered that, plus I tried their brisket sandwich tonight.

(((((((((( THE FOOD ))))))))))

First of all, if you come here bring your patience. We had quite a wait our first visit. A friend came here after that and mentioned to me they waited forever. Tonight, we asked how long the wait would be before we ordered. Our waiter said about 30 minutes. We were in no hurry so we decided to wait.

The smoked tuna dip was out quick. It was ok. My dining partner said she could really taste the smoke in it, but I couldn’t. To me it tasted like plain tuna salad. The chips would have been really good had they not been cold.

We were asked what cut we wanted the brisket to be on our sandwich. Lean, mixed or marbled. Meaning how fatty did we want the meat, “marbled” being the fattiest, which is what we went with. When it comes to smoked meats the fat is where the flavor is!

They missed the 30 minute estimate to deliver the rest of our meal. It took about 40 minutes.

This was probably the best brisket sandwich I have ever had. Utterly delicious. And not pictured is the potato salad we had. It was great, and went well with the brisket sandwich.

The people here are really nice. They apologized several times for the wait and thanked us for our patience. I asked our waiter what exactly takes so long? It’s not like anything we ordered had to be cooked! Just assembled. He said they get a lot of take out orders from those driving services and they only had two people working “the line” that night. Again, it was no big deal. We knew in advance it’d take some time and we had time on our hands.

Another great meal.

244 W. Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-309-8767

Blaine 6-19-2021

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