Green Tea, New Orleans, LA Report #378

Ok, let me explain how I ended up here. I was perusing Instagram and I saw the first picture below. You slap a lobster tail on top of anything you immediately get my attention! So I looked up the place and read their story, which is in the following pictures. Sounds like a great place place with a proud history of putting out high quality food!

So we headed on in. It was immediately apparent this wasn’t going to be a high end dine in experience. First there was the type of paper menu that you normally get in “grab and go” Chinese places. And we could also see that most of their business was just that. To-go orders.

We had to order at the counter and were told we could dine in, but our food would be served in take out containers. Also, all condiments were in plastic packets and all cutlery was of the cheap plastic variety. The Covid-19 protocol has been rescinded in New Orleans, so it’s not out of necessity. They can use real utensils and plates.

We ordered Crab Rangoons as an appetizer. We both went with combo plates for our entrées. My dining partner got Wonton soup, combo fried rice and General Tso’s Chicken. I got a shrimp egg roll, white rice and shrimp with garlic sauce.

((((((((((((((( THE FOOD )))))))))))))))

As always, The Crab Rangoons might as well have been cream cheese rangoons. No fake crab meat to speak of. BUT! They were pretty good! Nice and creamcheesy and fried nice and crisp. But dipping hot fried dough in a sugary sauce can’t really taste bad.

My dining partner said her General’s Chicken was pretty good, but the Wonton soup was terrible. No flavor to the broth, the wontons were thick, bland and doughy, and the meat inside them was kind of an unseasoned dense sausage. Normally I have to fight her for food but since it was so bad she let me taste it. I agreed with her assessment.

I got six shrimp in my shrimp with garlic sauce, but a ton of broccoli. The second picture above shows how much broccoli I had AFTER I ate some! The flavor of the dish was OK at best. My rice was overcooked and my “shrimp” eggroll was 98% cabbage (I think) and 2% shrimp. I found one small one in there.

So there you have it! I’ll be heading back to Hong Minh or Empress of China next time I’m hankering some good Chinese food.

3001 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, LA 70125 Ph: 504-899-8005

Blaine 5-22-2021

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      1. Yea it’s like those hamburger joints with marketing pictures of these thick hamburgers and you get buns bigger than the burger.

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