Austons on 98, Miramar Beach, FL Report #381

My first time in Florida in years. There were two things that brought us here. The beautiful beaches and the fact I heard this place made a great lobster tacos, and I’m a lobster lover! Well, the beaches were PACKED. We couldn’t find a place to park to enjoy them, but worked up an appetite looking. I was hoping the lobster tacos wouldn’t disappoint.

Beautiful place with that sports bar type of atmosphere. I decided to try a little neck clam on the halfshell. We also ordered a soft pretzel, fried pickles (against my will), a soup and salad combo, and I got the lobster tacos.

@@@@@@@@@@ THE FOOD! @@@@@@@@@@

Oysters on the half shell are the big thing in New Orleans. You won’t find clams on the half shell anywhere. But I had them once in Rhode Island and once and Maryland, and really liked them. That’s why I ordered one. This one was terrible. Besides being tiny compared to others I’ve had, this thing was loaded with sand. It tasted like they sprinkled sand on it. $2 for so much grit I almost had to spit the thing out.

As for the fried pickles? They were fried pickles. I’m not a fan but my dining partner loved them.

The soft pretzel was HUGE and one of the best I ever had! Hot and crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The beer cheese and mustard sauces were also very good.

For her soup and salad my dining partner had the clam chowder and a wedge salad. She said the chowder was very good, and the wedge salad was the best she ever had!

Finally, my lobster taco. A terrible, utter disappointment. If you look at the last picture you’ll see what they were filled with. Do you see lobster meat in there? No. That’s because there was basically none. Ever fry a big batch of seafood, say shrimp for example, and put them on paper towels to drain? And after you eat all the seafood there are scraps of fried batter left over? Well, that’s what it seemed they filled these tacos with. Fried batter with a few scraps of lobster meat here and there. Not sure how a place could serve this to someone.

A few bright spots here and a couple disappointments.

125 Poinciana Blvd., Miramar Beach, FL 32550 Ph: 850-842-3200

Blaine 5-25-2021

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