Doris Metropolitan, New Orleans, LA Report #383

It’s good to be back in New Orleans after dining across the Gulf Coast over last weekend. It’s always good to come home. Today, I had a serious workout in the gym. Lifted tons of weight! I believe the old saying that beef builds muscle, so I decided to get a good steak tonight. Whenever there’s a conversation about good steakhouses in New Orleans, this place gets mentioned. I decided to try it.

Nice looking restaurant located in the French Quarter two blocks south of Bourbon St. It’s also very close to Jackson Square and the Café Du Monde. There’s an interior courtyard you can dine in. Also, their dry aged prime beef is on display in a window near the front door. But it’s not like a lobster tank where you go up to the window and pick the beef you want. At least I don’t think it is. Maybe now that I’ve successfully eaten here next time I’ll go up to the window and insist they give me the, “third bone from the left”, just to see if I get put out!

I decided on:

############### THE FOOD! ###############

After my waitress took my order she said I’ll be back with some bread and butter. That’s expected. Figured she’d come back with a basket with a piece of French bread wrapped in a napkin. What wasn’t expected was what she came back with. A bread platter with three different kinds of bread! I was told to be careful because they were all hot out of the oven. One was a Focaccia, one was some sesame seed covered thing, and one was a twist with caramelized onions and Feta cheese in it! All were delicious!

And then there was the very soft butters. Three different kinds of butters! Plain, Sumac and Za’atar butter. I had never heard of Za’atar so I had to look it up. It’s an herb that seems to be used a lot in Middle Eastern cooking. All three were very good.

Then there was the eggplant appetizer. When they said charred eggplant they meant it. It tasted like it just came off a smoky BBQ pit. According to the menu it was served with tahini, but it was more like a bed of hummus. Really tasty!

When it comes to steak, where there’s fat, there’s flavor. I like flavor so I ordered the ribeye. It came drizzled with a little Demi-glace and some sea salt infused with Cabernet and coarse ground black pepper on the side. Again, this was dry aged prime beef. Unbelievably tender and juicy. One of the best steaks I ever had.

I forgot exactly what the root veggie puree was but I remember the waitress saying potatoes, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Forgot what else she said. Just order it. Went great with the steak!

Finally, the Chocolate Nemesis. Flourless chocolate cake with some pistachio ice cream under it and some other bells and whistles. Some flourless chocolate cakes seem too dense to me, but this one was a little lighter. A fantastic dessert!

Before dining here I think my favorite steakhouse in New Orleans was Chophouse. Now, I may have to reevaluate that! This place is awesome. It gets my highest recommendation!

620 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-267-3500

Blaine 5-28-2021

6 thoughts on “Doris Metropolitan, New Orleans, LA Report #383

  1. Just by reading the menu and seeing your photos, I knew there has to be some Israeli culinary touch in this place. Then remembered a favorite restaurant in Israel named “Doris Butchers”. I’ve checked it out, and it turned out to be the same owners. Glad to learn they keep the same quality in Nola! 🙂

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      1. I had read somewhere that when they were looking for a spot in the U.S. to open this restaurant, they went all over the place and when they came through New Orleans, they unexpectedly thought, “This is IT!” Thanks for the review, a great place. I put myself through a mid-eastern cooking period years ago and really like Zaatar – the sumac in there really gives an interesting, tangy kick. Thanks!

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