Ming’s, New Orleans, LA Report #384

I love Chinese food, so I’m always willing to try a new place. It seems Chinese restaurants in New Orleans all have basically the same things on their menu. I’m always looking for that place that will wow me with something wonderful and different. I recently fell in love with Hong Minh, which doesn’t do anything spectacular or different, but everything is simple and very good! I was anxious to see what this place had to offer.

Pretty small dining room inside and all the tables were taken. Outside was wide open, but that was probably because it was 92 degrees with 68% humidity! Luckily, there was room at the bar for us to sit.

We decided on:

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THE FOOD $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The appetizer sampler was delicious. The Crab Rangoon were about what you’d expect at any Chinese place, but the Cho Cho and the eggroll were very good. Both full of meat with a great taste. I think the last eggroll I had was at this place called Green Tea. It was supposed to be a shrimp eggroll, but it was just about all cabbage. This one was the exact opposite. Full of meat and shrimp with only a few scraps of cabbage! Yum.

My dining partner is a lover of Won Ton Soup. She said she thinks this was the best she ever had. Seriously flavorful and full of ingredients. She loved it.

At this point I was really excited about the entrées we had coming. Just my luck things couldn’t keep going so well.

They make their Lo Mein with very thin noodles. Like vermicelli. Isn’t that illegal? I’m sure there’s a law saying the noodles are supposed to be thick, because that’s the only way I’ve ever had them.

I would have been ok with the skinny noodles, but the dish as a whole lacked any flavor. Just a little salt in it would have helped.

Same with the Mandarin Chicken. The chicken was fried nice and crisp, but there was really no flavor to it. Not even much in the gravy served with it. I was pretty disappointed in both entrées.

But the appetizers were so good I will be back. I want to try some different entrées.

7224 Pontchartrain Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-333-6341

Blaine 6-12-2021

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