Vinnie’s Caddyshack Bar & Grill, Metairie, LA Report #385

This is a place I never should have found. It’s located on a back street in Metairie. I don’t live anywhere near that area. Also, I’m not a drinker, so I’m really not into the bar scene. That being said, the last bar and grill type place I went to, called Table & Tap, was great! So I was hopeful.

I found out about this place through a credit card. I have one that gives me hotel points to dine at select restaurants, and this was on the list. The menu looked good, and my son, who is into the bar scene, said he ate here before and it was pretty good. That was good enough for me.

It was hard to get a picture of the front of the place since they have that big tent set up. Doubt many people will be dining in it because down here we’re looking at high temperatures in the 90’s probably until September. Nice looking bar! Really spacious! We decided on:

&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD! &&&&&&&&&&

Good grief! For a bar they really know how to cook. Everything was delicious!

The spinach and artichoke dip was really good. Not too thick or thin with a great flavor.

I love the way they do the buffalo wings. They were like very good, crisp, fried chicken wings served with buffalo and ranch sauces. I don’t care for the ones they bake and toss in sauce that come out all soggy and messy. I could eat a big order of these as a meal!

I had their classic cheese burger with provolone cheese. They say it’s a 10oz prime beef burger and I have no reason to doubt them. It was delicious. Very juicy, and cooked a perfect medium, which is how I ordered it. And the fries were nothing to sneeze at. Hot, crisp, and no stupid batter on them.

My dining partner had the club sandwich, which instead of toasted bread, came on a jalapeño bun with fried green tomatoes! He really enjoyed it.

Finally, the bread pudding. It was cut into strips, deep fried, and served with a yummy Dulce de Leche sauce. Outstanding!

Looks like I need to start hitting bars more often. I love this place!

3217 Ridgelake Dr., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-827-1540

Blaine 6-19-2021

4 thoughts on “Vinnie’s Caddyshack Bar & Grill, Metairie, LA Report #385

  1. The fear I have of eating at places like that is the “”Bar Food” that some serve that tastes like it was heated up in a microwave….sounds and looks like you found a great place.

    I ate at a gas station that has a restaurant inside over the weekend. Found out it was featured on Tennessee Crossroads as one of the best places for ribs…and it was!

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