Impastato’s, Metairie, LA Report #386

To all you fathers out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Since I spawned a few kids myself I figured SOMEONE owed me a free lunch. And I was right. They even let me chose the place I wanted to go! This restaurant is normally closed on Sundays, but opened today for Father’s Day. Looking at their website they also open on Sundays for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and New Orleans Saints home football games during the NFL season.

I ate here once so long ago I don’t remember what I had, but I remember it was really good. They’re known for good, authentic Italian food. I understand the owner is an authentic Italian imported from Sicily!

Today the only menu available was the one pictured above. A five course meal, price dictated by the entrée you choose. First, we were advised they were out of lamb chops, red fish and Brucciloni. No problem. None of use wanted that. Then we were told for dessert they were out of blueberry banana pie and cheesecake, BUT had Limoncello cake and Tiramisu. Finally, said not to pick a first course because they were just going to bring us an assortment of dishes.

As long as she didn’t say they were out of soft shelled crabs I was cool, because I had looked at the menu online ahead of time and walked in there knowing that was what I wanted! So my party of three decided on these entrées:

############### THE FOOD! ###############

Veal Payton
Soft Shell Crab

The hot bread can’t be beat. And the butter was ohhhhh so soft. I have nothing against places that give you oil and Balsamic to dip your bread in, but NOTHING beats real butter!

The second course came out before the first course which was alright with me, because besides the entrée, it’s what I was looking forward to the most. Two different pastas, simply prepared with two different sauces. Pictured is before and after I was handed the grated Parmesan. Both were delicious.

Apparently they were out of the shrimp au gratin so they gave us a shrimp and lettuce dish tossed with remoulade sauce. Our waitress had a name for it, but I forgot what she said. Greta trio of seafood apps. We cleaned the plates.

Our salads were also very good. The Italian dressing is house made and very light but flavorful.

Then it happened. The wait. Seems to be a common theme in the restaurant industry after this pandemic. Restaurants are having serious trouble hiring people. I’m not sure that’s what the problem was here today, but our waitress apologized telling us they were short in the kitchen.

Our reservation was for 12:30PM. We were seated a little before that, ordered by 12:35PM, and the first three courses were out pretty quick. We were probably finished with them by a little after 1:00PM. Our entrées didn’t arrive at our table until 2:15PM. Actually it was kind of a blessing in disguise. I was getting pretty stuffed already, and this gave our food some time to digest.

My dining partners loved the Spidini and Veal Payton.

My soft shelled crab dish was perfect. One thing I hate about ordering soft shelled crabs is sometimes places batter them so much you’ll have more batter on the legs, for example, than actual crab. These were fried perfectly, and covered with a generous portion of crabmeat. You can’t go wrong with crab on crab!

Since they were out of cheesecake for dessert, we ordered two Limoncello cakes and Tiramisu. But they ended up finding some cheesecake! So cheesecake and Tiramisu it was. Both very good.

Very good Father’s Day lunch. I’ll be back in the future to try their regular menu.

3400 16th St., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-455-1545

Blaine 6-20-2021

7 thoughts on “Impastato’s, Metairie, LA Report #386

  1. Thanks for the report Blaine! Yes, please go back — in my meager opinion, it’s the best example of Sicilian / Creole in the city. Fresh and delicious. I don’t know if they were doing it when you were there, but a real treat at night is the communal pasta bowl (pasta made fresh in house I was told), tossed with the 3 sauces and the guys whisking the dishes around to the tables.

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