Tito’s Ceviche & Pisco, New Orleans, LA Report #387

It’s restaurant week here in New Orleans! That time of year when participating restaurants put together prix-fixe menus of lunches for $25 or less, and dinners for $45 or less, to encourage people to get in there and try them out. It started Monday the 21st and ends this Sunday. Since I watch my diet Monday through Friday night, I haven’t had a chance to partake yet. But on weekends, I’m like a fat kid in a candy store with a $100 dollar bill. I go crazy! Here’s the restaurant week link if you’re interested: Restaurant Week New Orleans | June 21 – 27 2021

I don’t think I’ve ever had Peruvian food. If so, it was so not memorable I forgot. I was eager to give it a try.

This place is pretty small, so make a reservation. A few tables out front on the porch, and some seating outside on the side.

I was torn between ordering off the regular menu or the special menu for this week. Thinking they’d put together their best meal to entice people back on the restaurant week menu, I decided to go with that.

I decided to collaborate with my waiter on my menu choices. Since I was born and raised in an area of New Orleans knows as the 7th Ward (which isn’t very close to Peru), and taking his accent into account, I figured he might know a little more than me. We decided on the Anticuchos, Arroz con Pato and the Maracuya Flan for dessert.

%%%%% THE FOOD!! %%%%%

They start you off with something called Cancha. Ever had Corn Nuts? These are the real deal. Toasted or deep fried corn kernels served with salsa verde. Tasty, but I was having trouble eating them. I was trying to pick them up one at a time and dip them in the sauce, and I don’t exactly have small dainty hands! But then I took the little spoon that came with them, spooned the sauce over the top and ate them with my fork. That worked much better!

It felt strange coming in a place with “Ceviche” in the name and not ordering it, but I love hearts. So when I saw the grilled veal hearts on the menu I had to try them.

Fantastic choice. This was unbelievably delicious! And even though I’m a carnivore, maybe the best part of the dish was the potatoes. Tasted like they were right out of the fryer, soft on the inside, crisp on the outside, and coated with a great sauce. This is a must try dish. But after I ordered I noticed I could have tried it off the happy hour menu. I wished I had done that and went with a ceviche off the prix-fixe menu.

The duck and rice dish was also unbelievably delicious. Everything just went great together! I wondered at first what I’d do with the salsa, which was mostly onions. Well, the cilantro rice had a nice smooth, creaminess to it. The salsa was kind of acidic. I decided to mix them together and that was wonderful!

Finally, dessert. I’ve never had a passion fruit custard, but I’ll definitely have it again! It’s hard to describe the flavor of this flan, but if you like desserts that aren’t too sweet, I think you’d love this one. Another winner.

One final note. If you come in be sure you ask about the specials. I wasn’t told about them, then overheard a waiter telling another table about them. They sounded pretty good!

Excellent dinner, but I feel like I missed out. I will be back to try the ceviche!

5015 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-267-7612

Blaine 6-25-2021

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