Cho Thai, New Orleans, LA Report #388

My niece, who just by virtue of being related to me knows food, recommended this place to me. My kids got wind of it, and the second Father’s Day rolled around, at midnight, I received a text. I had never received a gift card via text before, but that option is available for this place! After all these years having kids FINALLY paid off!

As soon as we pulled up I knew I had been here before. You don’t forget a building so old it’s got trees growing out of the roof. I realized it used to be a restaurant called Warbucks, that was really good. I was sorry when it closed.

The owner of this place owns another Thai place I love called Banana Blossom. When I found that out I knew we were in for a good meal.

We decided on:

(((((((((((((((((((( THE FOOD! ))))))))))))))))))))

Shrimp Dumplings
Grilled Calamari
Crab Fried Rice

The roti would have been terrific by itself, but dipping it in the red curry sauce that comes with it made it ultra-terrific! If you’re a bread fan get it.

When I saw the shrimp dumplings came with a mushroom broth, I asked if it was dumplings in a soup. Our waiter said it wasn’t a soup, but the dumplings were pan fried crisp on the bottom, and served on top of the broth. I was so glad we ordered them. Some of the best dumplings I ever had. The crispy bottom is a nice contrast to the soft tops.

Everywhere you go you see fried calamari. Seeing it grilled is rare, so we decided to try it. The menu noted it was spicy, and our waiter told us it was very spicy! Both lied like dogs. They weren’t spicy at all. It didn’t even taste like they had a little black pepper on them! They were pretty bland. I wasn’t a fan of this dish.

There’s another Thai place I loved named Jasmine Rice, that has a crab fried rice that’s to die for! I ordered it here to compare. I prefer the one at Jasmine Rice. This one had a sweet taste to it that I didn’t think belonged in the dish. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very good! Worth ordering. The Chiang Mai noodle dish was delicious. Crisp noodles on top and soft ramen style noodles inside. The short rib was really tender.

Then there was dessert. I couldn’t decide between the Thai Tea Crepe Cake and the Condensed Milk Toast. Our waiter said for the crepe cake, they infuse crepes with tea and honey, then stack them maybe 20 high with some type of cream between them. Or he said something close to that. I’m terrible at remembering recipes.

But the condensed milk thing was a thick piece of Brioche bread buttered and toasted then topped with condensed milk and grilled so it’s almost like a crème brûlée on top (or something like that)! I was torn!

In the end I told our waiter to decide and he went with the crepe cake. Great choice. It was fantastic. You can see how many layers of crepe they used on my fork.

Great lunch here. I recommend the place!

3218 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-381-4264

Blaine 6-26-2021

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