Golden Gate Bistro, New Orleans, LA Report #390


As of Friday last week I had never tried Peruvian food. At least not that I could remember. I rectified that by going to Tito’s Ceviche & Pisco. As of today, I had never tried Colombian food. I didn’t plan to fix that anytime soon but this place popped up on my radar. I pulled up their website and the menu looked great!

I say I never tried Colombian food, but looking at the menu I have eaten a few things on it. Like empanadas and chicharron. But I’d hardly call that a Colombian meal experience.

So I decided on:

########## THE FOOD ##########

They have a lot of different drinks on the menu here. Besides alcoholic drinks they’ve got all kinds of fresh juices. I normally just drink water with my meals, but I noticed this stuff called Agua de Panela. From what I understand it’s water infused with a hardened sugarcane juice.

When I was a kid, my dad would sometimes bring sugar cane stalks home from the French Market. He’d peel them, cut them in chunks and we’d chew them. A fond, and delicious memory. So I decided to try it.

My waitress told me to stir it since there was lime on top. Very good! I don’t like things that are too sweet and this wasn’t. In fact it was pretty refreshing.

I really liked the cheese empanada. The crust was made with a really course ground corn. More like corn meal instead of corn flour, so it was pretty hearty. And it was stuffed with plenty of cheese.

When I ordered my entrée, the Bandeja Paisa, my waitress had a few questions. 1) How did I want my steak cooked? 2) How did I want my egg cooked? And 3) Did I want sweet or regular plantains? I went with medium rare, over easy and sweet.

Besides being a food lover I also enjoy weight lifting. Friday is the day I lift the most and heaviest, so I wanted a dinner with plenty of protein. This didn’t disappoint. What a beautiful plate of food! So beautiful I had to take a picture of it from two angles. Just look at that fried pork belly. It’s like it was smiling at me and I sure was smiling at it! Everything was delicious!

Finally I had the Chocoflan for dessert. When I think of flan I thing of a soft custard. Looking at the picture I thought it’d be a soft custard over some kind of chocolate base.

Well, nothing was soft about this dessert. It was a flan over a chocolate cake base. The flan was kind of hard, and the cake was harder. It wasn’t really bad but I wouldn’t order it again. Next time I’ll try the Passion Fruit Cheesecake.

Great dinner tonight. I’ll be back!

4334 Earhart Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70125 Ph: 504-503-1049

Blaine 7-2-2021


I’m sorry to report this place is no more. I am sad.

Blaine 5-15-2022


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